Going against my beliefs  

Mikey_B1972 45M
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3/11/2006 1:39 pm
Going against my beliefs

yesterday, a few of my mechanics asked me to go to a local strip club after work. I agreed to go have one drink and no more. I love the normal club scene but not the strip club scene. With my past as a bouncer in many places, i know the routine. It is a business, and guys get sucked in by the sex appeal, only to drop alot of money and get false hopes. I don't tip the chics, i don't get lap dances,etc...I hang at the tables and drink. Shit, i may look at the stage twice the entire night. I admit i look at them as they walk by, and honestly, not many of them turn me on.BUT last night something different happened. A hot ass chic dressed up in daisy dukes and a cowboy hat came and sat down next to me. We chatted for a bit and i explained why i was just chilling and where i was coming from, attitude wise. She still hung out and bullshitted. I told her it would take a chic with a shotgun over her shoulder and wearing camo pants to get me excited in there. What does she do..she starts talking about guns..I almost shit. Then she tells me she has a 4 wheel drive truck..I almost shit again..I am starting to think, damn this chic is either great at her job or it is fate that brought her to me. Several hours later, i sent her a rose while she was at the bar. She came over and told me that this was the first rose she has gotten from someone in the club. YEAH RIGHT i'm thinking..Anyway, long story short...this chic blew my mind, the looks,the attitude,the whole package..I have always believed there could be no good out of dating a stripper.Sure i slept with plenty, but never put feelings into any of them. I have not been both physically and mentally attracted to a chic in a long time, but here i am feeling like a school kid with a crush..


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