Purity Test -- Answers, Details and Results  

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Purity Test -- Answers, Details and Results

"Have you ever . . ."
1] French kissed (tongued)? Yes
2] been on a blind date? Yes
3] had or given a hickey? Not yet, but willing
4] engaged in foreplay? Yes
5] read a pornographic book or magazine? Yes
6] masturbated to a picture? Yes -- many times
7] sucked an MOS's breasts or had your breasts sucked? Yes -- I've done the sucking
8] seen a pornographic movie? Yes
9] gone coed skinny-dipping? Not yet, but willing
10] committed an act of exhibitionism (moon, streak, flash)? Not yet, but willing
11] masturbated? Yes -- several times a week
12] purchased contraceptives? Yes
13] engaged in foreplay for more than two hours consecutively? Not for that long
14] been shopping inside a porn shop? Yes
15] showered or bathed with an MOS? Not lately
16] shaved your pubic hair? Not yet, but willing
17] committed an act of voyeurism? Yes
18] had sex with a virgin? No.
19] had sex in a car? Yes
20] had sex outdoors? Does in the car count? (I didn't check the box to be on the safe side.)
21] experienced a lap dance? Yes, at the Eclipse Club in 2003.
22] gone to a strip club or porn house? Yes, a few times to Illusions II outside Ft. Dix, NJ. Once to the Eclipse Club in ABQ, NM.
23] performed a strip tease for an MOS? Not specifcially a strip tease
24] met with someone for sex only? Yes -- 14 Nov 2004
25] had sex non-stop for an hour? No -- gotta get into better shape!
26] interrupted a couple having sex? Yes -- Mom and Dad when I was a kid
27] jerked off or fingered by an MOS? Yes
28] jerked off or fingered an MOS? Yes
29] photographed a MOS naked? Not yet
30] been naked in photos taken by a MOS? Yes
31] given oral sex to a MOS? Yes, and enjoyed it immensely
32] done 69? No -- too hard to concentrate that way
33] had sex in three or more positions? Yes
34] experimented sexually before puberty? No
35] been caught masturbating? Yes -- Many times
36] masturbated with another person in the room? Yes
37] watched another person masturbate? Yes
38] watched another party have sex? No. (Might be up for swinging where we swap.)
39] had sex in a public place? Yes
40] had sex during menstruation? Not that I recall. The girl I hooked up with on 14 Nov 2004 said something about vaginal bleeding related to her birth-control pills, and I might have seen some dried blood, but I didn't taste anything bad.
41] gotten a woman pregnant, been pregnant? No
42] (arranged, had) an abortion? No
43] have a child or children? No
44] had a V.D. test? Yes
45] had a V.D.? No
46] orgasmed three or more times in one night? Yes
47] traveled over 100 miles just to get laid? Yes, but didn't get any. She got hammered, got me drunk and went to sleep. Her roommate and I French-kissed a bit outside, then the roommate wanted me to drive her somewhere for breakfast, got pissed when I said "NO," so I slept a bit in my car. On the way back home, I noticed that my radar detector and a few other items were missing.
48] cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? No
49] picked up a stranger for sex? Yes
50] had sex with a member that you've met on Passion.com? Yes
51] had sex with a MOS with an age difference of 10 years or more? Yes
52] had sex with a MOS with an age difference of 20 years or more? No -- not interested.
53] put an inanimate object up your vagina or anus? Yes -- strap-on dildo / vibrator
54] had anal sex? Yes -- giving and receiving
55] had sex in front of a third party? Yes
56] had an alcoholic drink? Yes
57] been drunk? Yes
58] used alcohol to lower an MOS's resistance? No
59] had an alcoholic blackout? No
60] smoked tobacco? Yes
61] smoked pot or hashish? Yes (pot) -- didn't do anything for me
62] used LSD, PCP, heroin, or Mushrooms? No -- not really interested
63] used cocaine? No, and not interested
64] used three or more recreational drugs in one night? No
65] been arrested? Yes, but was released to my own recognizance (not taken to jail and booked)
66] been convicted of a crime? Never been convicted
67] accepted money to remove any clothing? No
68] gotten laid on the first date? Yes
69] had a threesome? No, but interested
70] had a foursome? No, but interested
71] attended any of the orgy or swinger parties held by our members? No
72] rimmed a partner? No, but willing ifd she's hygenic
73] Sought out a hooker? Yes
74] engaged with a hooker or gigolo? No -- she bailed at the last minute
75]) had sex with two MOSes at the same time? No, but what guy hasn't fantasized about this? C'mon, really.
76] had sex with two different people separately in a 24 hr period? No
77] videotaped yourself having sex? No
78] accepted money to perform a sexual act? No, but probably would if the amount was sufficient and/or she looked good enough
79] gave or received sex with a strap-on? Yes -- received on 14 Nov 2004. Willing to get more.
80] slept with a married MOS? No
81] been engaged? No
82] been married? No
83] had sex with a friend of a current boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? No
84] had sex with a relative of a current boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? No
85] had sex with more than 10 different people in your life? Not yet
86] had sex with more than 30 different people in your life? No
87] had sex with more than 50 different people in your life? No
88] had sex with an unconscious person? No
89] been propositioned by a homosexual? Yes
90] accepted? No
91] kissed a member of the SAME sex? Yes -- "She" got me drunk, tried to get me to hand over all of my cash, THEN I found out "she" was a "he."
92] been masturbated by a member of the SAME sex? No
93] been orally stimulated by a member of the SAME sex? No
94] had sex with a member of the SAME sex? No
95] lived in a threesome (sex with 2 others) for a month or more? No
96] been involved in an orgy or swingers party? No
97] engaged in bondage? Yes
98] engaged in sadomasochism for sexual enjoyment? No
99] engaged in group (5 or more people) sex? No
100] recommended Passion.com?to another person? Yes

RESULTS -- Mike_in_ABQ_NM is 55% Pure (45% Naughty)!

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