The continuing sex-capades of one Mr. Mike Oxbigger 469.  

MikeOxbigger469 55M
4/9/2005 3:48 am
The continuing sex-capades of one Mr. Mike Oxbigger 469.

So. There I am. Horny. (well, duh). Hoping she is thinking, and feeling as aroused as I. So, I make myself available, and she snuggles into bed beside me. She suggests we watch porn. (Hmmm). Boi, Yoi, Yoing. "It would be more fun if you were naked!", I grinned. So, there I am, starting to grow a boner, hoping she was feeling as I. Thoughts run through my head. I WANT HER TO SUCK MY COCK!... Oh! Whats this? She's turning to face me, and looks down at my cock, (Im so fucking horny for her mouth!) She...she.... climbs on top of me, and plunges my cock into her pussy!! Ah!!! Feels Soooo Good. She fucks me good. She fucks me hard. She fucks me long time. I eat her well-fucked pussy. Mmmm. Tasty.!! (My favorite way for her to cum). Fuckin SEXY. And cum she does! Still! Again! Then me!! Im spent!! She soaks my cock. ( and soaks do SOUND alike). And it was good. No! Very good. But..I didnt get her best. Cuz this girl here.... She USED to fuck me really good. Listen up! So. There I am....

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