I love The Mall  

MightyGoodman48 60M
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4/25/2006 8:52 pm
I love The Mall

I needed to rest from all of the walking I did at the Mall and found an open seat on a bench in front of women's lingerie shop. I looked into the display window and watched the clerk prep her shop for closing. Out of the corner of my eye I also noticed the last customer in the store as she picked out a few items to try on and motioned to the clerk to bring her key open the fitting room door. I was about to leave when I saw the clerk gesturing me toward her so of course my curiosity was peeked and I walked into the incense smelling shop and could now hear what the women was saying. The door to the fitting room was jammed with her customer lock inside, my first thought was all she had to do was crawl underneath the door they make the doors high enough off the ground just incase something like this happens. The sales clerk looked at me and asked if I would try and get the door loose so she could close her shop and get home, so I worked the key in the lock and peeked over the top of the door in an effort to ease the female shopper with a smile. When our eye’s met I felt this tingle run through me. While the store clerk pulled down the chained gate and locked it shut suddenly the fitting room door opened and I could see the entire body of this very beautiful woman. Her words caught me off guard when she asked if I liked what I saw and of course I stammered out a nervous yes. The lingerie was barely covering her breast as one of her tits spilled out of its confinement and beckoned me to wrap my lips around it, I looked over my shoulder to see what the store clerk was doing and saw her concentration was diverted to her duties so I returned my attention to her breast and took in the details of it’s shape. Her hand moved over her shoulder catching the strap and slipped it to the side exposing the other breast. Both her hands cupped her tits and she gave them a hard squeeze puffing them up and pushing her nipples outward. I moved into the small room and bent my head down to suck those mounds and take as much of them into my mouth as I could, my hand reached around her butt and I clasped onto the bubbly ass meat jerking her body closer to mine. I worked the kissing and sucking up to her neck past her chin and onto the sweetest lips I had ever kissed, we licked and lapped at one another so loud I was sure the store clerk was going to burst through the door any second now. I slid my hand down in between her thighs and found her slick clitoris with my fingers, I started moving my hand in and out of her increasing wetness and could hear her breathing become more intense. Both her hands pushed down on my shoulders directing my kisses toward her stomach and finally into her sopping wet pussy, I took full advantage of her desire and drove my tongue deep inside of her, I then flattened it out and smashed it firmly over her clit, I *pushed one of my fingers in and out while repeating my tongue action. She raised one of her legs and placed it on the bench and spread open her vagina making it easier for me to slide two fingers in and out. Both her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer while her hips rotated and bucked, She uttered moans of an approaching orgasm and my dick started to throb in my pants so I reach in and set myself free. I didn’t know what I wanted more her juicy pussy sliding up and down over my hard dick or for her to continue riding my face until she came. I looked up and saw that her eye’s were closed as I reached up and played with one of those soft tits, we both moaned louder and her hips pushed harder against my mouth until her orgasm broke the rhythm and she slide uncontrollably all over my chin and cheeks. I kissed her clit with loud smacking noises which seemed to heighten her climax, she pushed my head back and moved my fingers out of her way as she started rubbing herself she squirted a small stream of fluid on my neck and chest. I stood up and we kissed each other, she moved her kisses to my neck and chest were she had shot me with her cum, I wanted to stick my hardness inside of her and give her the pounding of a lifetime so I moved to sit on the bench so she could sit down on my dick and there in the doorway was the store clerk with her dress hiked up around her hips with one of her hands buried between legs and the other squeezing her tits, she looked at the both of us and said ”please don’t stop” so we looked at each other and continued. I sat back with my dick pointing upward and she sat back onto it giving the heated clerk a clear view of my meat inside of her. I reach around and grabbed her breast kneading them and pinching her nipples at the same time. Her fingers darted over her vagina and all three of us were now groaning loud and breathing heavily. The store clerk moved closer unable to resist some kind of contact and shoved one of her aching breast into the mouth of her now satisfied customer. This was starting to be more than I could handle and I could feel myself about to pop when the store clerk said she wanted to see me fuck her in the ass. The clerk helped her off of my dick and held my dick steady while her customer eased her rectum over my manhood, the incredible tightness as I pushed in and out gave me a sensation that I never had before and it felt wonderful. The store clerk took three fingers and rapidly jerked them in and out of her customers pussy while doing the same to her own, the two ladies were on the verge and I wasn’t going to be left out of this one so I held on until that was all any of us could take, my cum exploded up her ass and drizzled back down between my legs the store clerk was next she stiffened and her tits bounced as she shivered in an orgasm, her hand looked like a blur as she rubbed her pussy. Last to cum was the customer with my dick still up her ass and the clerks three fingers pushing in and out of her vagina made her jerk and convulse and scream until she had the clerks arm drenched almost up to her elbow. All three of us collapsed onto one another until we had the strength to separate from one another's sticky love juice.

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