French friends with benefits  

Michelle362534 49F
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8/20/2006 5:29 am

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French friends with benefits

Me and my partner recently spent two weeks with friends in France, staying at their lovely house near the coast. We spent days either sightseeing or lounging and sunbathing around their private pool.

One days the guys went into the nearest town for some drinks while me and my friend relaxed by the pool topless sunbathing.

I was sleepily reading my book when my friend asked if I would rub some oil onto her back. I dribbled the oil onto my hands and warmed it between my palms. I gently started to rub it into her shoulders, working my way down her back. I had never thought of my friend in this way but seeing her lying there in just her bikini bottoms with her beautiful, tanned skin exposed and glistening in the sun really started to turn me on. I could feel that familiar aching sensation start to build between my legs.

"Mmmmmmm", she moaned. "Your hands feel fantastic".

I dribbled some more oil onto my hands and moved down to her legs. Working the oil into the back of her thighs and calves. God, this was turning me on! She had the most incredible skin and body. I worked my hands back up her legs and as I reached the top of her thighs she ever so slightly moved her legs apart, giving me access to her inner thighs. I rubbed more oil into her skin and she moaned and spread her legs further apart.

Dare I ask.....? Well, she was clearly enjoying herself and I was feeling brave...."Can I take your bikini bottom off?" I asked. "oh, yes please" she sighed. She lifted her hips off the towel so I could gently lower her bikini and spread her legs further apart.

"What about the guys?", I asked. "Oh, they'll be away for hours yet. Don't worry about them" I wasn't going to argue!

I gently stroked her fantastic arse. She started to moan and writhe with each stroke. I slipped my fingers down to her pussy. She was so wet and warm. I softly stroked he pussy lips, working my fingers around her clit, teasing her. I continued this for a while, working her up into a frenzy. "I've gotta cum. Oh god, please make me cum", she cried. "Roll over and spread your legs nice and wide". I slipped my fingers inside her pussy and lowered my mouth to her swollen clit. I sucked and licked her clit and could feel her pussy walls tightening around my fingers. "Ohhhhhh, fuck, yes!", she screamed. As she orgasmed her juices squirted all over my fingers and into my mouth.

We lied next to each other for a while, kissing and stroking each others bodies. We laughed and joked that we should have done this years ago!!!

"Come with me", she said, grabbing my hand and dragging me inside the house. "Let's have a shower together".

She had a fantastic wet room. We stood together soaping each others bodies. I couldn't stand much more of this. I need to cum too. She clearly read my mind....."I want you to sit on my face", she whispered in my ear. She lied on the floor and I lowered my aching pussy onto her eager mouth. "Oh fuck, you taste sweet". For someone who had never done this before she was fantastic with her tongue! The feel of the warm shower on my body, her tongue and mouth on my pussy and her hands teasing and playing with my sensitive nipples...... mmmmmm, I was gonna cum quick..... I couldn't stand it any longer and had a shuddering, full body orgasm.

We continued to have amazing sex in various places around the house and in the garden for the rest of our holiday.

Who said you couldn't have "friends with benefits"?!!!

Au revoir

and xxxxx Michelle

rm_wantotry1968 49F
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8/20/2006 9:58 am

ooooooh la la!!!!!
where's that brittany ferries brochure?!!!!

Michelle362534 49F
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8/21/2006 11:19 am

Glad you liked it Madame I aim to please!!! xx

and xxxxx Michelle

rm_chickadee83 41M/34F

8/22/2006 7:57 am

Great wee story! Would love to meet you so you can write about me

rm_Angelstar53 65

8/22/2006 1:48 pm

What a wonderful story, I only wish It was me having the massage and the rest, God Love ya Baby Girl

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8/23/2006 12:14 am

what a fantastic story, really had made me wet,thinking that it was me she was doing all that too ! XXXX keep them coming babe !

Eddie5011 43M

8/23/2006 11:17 pm

Great story it turned me on. I love the new pictures in your photo album. They are fantastic!!! You have a great body a nice figure and to be honest a bit gutted you don't want to chat anymore.

rm_bellarocker 45F
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9/7/2007 6:24 am

I'm guessing that this is one of your fantasies? Sounds really nice and I wish I could make a trip to France soon to meet up woth you and make it a reality!!! xxxbella

rm_boweto 46M
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3/20/2008 8:17 am


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