Things stuck in my head.............  

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Things stuck in my head.............

I didn't like the idea of my fully described fantasy on the front page of my profile. Here it is:

I'm at the gym doing my usual workout. 60 minutes
on the cardio bike to burn fat and work my legs, 30
minutes on the arm and torso machines to get my
strength back. I've been at it for a couple of
months and it's starting to show. The belly is
flattening, the fat is burning off. For a couple
of weeks I've noticed a woman that uses the
ellipticals in front of the cardio bikes. She always
gets on the one in front of the bike I'm on. Even
if the whole line of machines is open, she picks the
one in front of me. I certainly don't mind, the view
is quite spectacular! I don't ever say anything to
her because I think it's really tacky to chat up a
woman when she's obviously trying to workout.
This goes on for another week.

It's a Friday and the gym is deserted. I finish my
bike workout (having enjoyed the buns of steel demo
in front of me) and head over to the weight machines.
I get through all of the machines to the last one.
I'm working on my worst exercise; Military Presses.
I can only get 3 sets of 10 when the weight is under
35 pounds. I get through the sets and I hear from
beside me, "That looks like it hurt, you ok?"
I look and there she is. 30ish, 5'2", black hair
(tied back) fair skin, blue/green eyes Courtney Cox
good looks.
(DAMN! a galway girl)

"Yeah but I'll live, it's my worst one and I need
to keep pushing it to get the strength back.
A good soak in the jaccuzie will bring me back to
life, umm.. I'm Michael.." She nods and says,
"Kaitlin, nice to meet you Mike" "And you Kaitlin"
She tilts her head slighly and give me a bemused
smile. I'm a bit dumbfounded. "...a...I'm done
for tonight, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go
for that soak" "Don't let me stop you"
"G'night Kaitlin"
"G'night Mike"

As I get my towel and head to the locker room I
know she's watching me. I change into my swim
trunks and go outside the pool area to the jaccuzie.
The great thing about Fridays is that by 8:30pm no
one is in it. I ease in, close my eyes, and just
let myself boil a bit. I hear the door to the pool
close and someone else get in the spa. I open my
eyes to see Kaitlin sitting across from me.

"Why Miss Kaitlin, what brings you here?"
"I see something I like Michael"
I feel a foot run down my leg. "Well, I certainly
can say the same" We slide around towards each other
with just our heads above the bubbling water.
She slides her legs over mine, puts her arms around
me and pulls herself into my lap. I look in her eyes
and mutter an "Oh my". "Am I being too forward?"
"Kaitlin, give me a woman that knows what she wants
any day of the week and twice on Sunday" She gives
me a long, lingering, deep kiss. I ask her "Why me?"
"Because you never hit on me during my workouts, you
never act like you're trying to prove something.
You always help anyone that needs to know how to use
the machines and you clean your sweat off of the
machines you use. You behave like a gentleman
and there are so few males that do.I want to
know you" She gazes into my eyes.

The presence of this beauty in my lap has caused a
certain appendage to become aroused. She feels me
harden and reaches to my suit drawstring and pulls
it loose. She eases my rock hard cock out of my
suit, pulls her bottom to the side and slips me into
her pussy. The sensations are incredible. She
rotates around and strattles me. I slide forward
into the center of the spa where we are completely
obscured by the bubbles. We gently wrestle as I
slide deeply into her. Her eyes close and mouth
opens in a soft moan. I bend my head below the
surface and push aside her top, kissing her breasts
then slipping them back and coming up for air.
We rock gently back and forth until I feel her pussy
tighten in climax. I feel her shudder. I withdraw
just as I come, I don't want her to worry about

She sits across my lap again, panting slightly she
puts her head on my shoulder. "That was wonderful
Michael" I try to say "Ba mhaith liom feieáil tú arís"
(I would like to see you again - Gaelic) And she
looks up at me beaming, "I haven't heard Irish in
so long...You speak?" "Only the little I picked
up over the years, I heard the lilt of Eire in your
voice and it just came to mind" She put her head
back on my shoulder,
"Yes Michael, you may see me again"

We leave the spa. Towel each other off. Kiss and
leave for the locker rooms. I shower and change
as fast as I can and head for the lobby. The desk
attendant looks up and says, "Are you Michael?"
"Yes, I am" "Kaitlin left this for you" and she
hands me a note. It is an outline of a shamrock
and a number at the bottom.

I'll be lucky if I can make it home before trying
to call her.

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