What's in a Name?  

Mermaidslut 51F
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5/30/2006 6:17 pm

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1/29/2007 6:09 pm

What's in a Name?

Okay, when I first signed up on this site, I was pretty wound up. I admit it. Over worked, highly stressed and surfing the net for anything to take my mind off my feelings of impending doom, related to juggling *way* too much on my work schedule. No time for dating, to say the least!

My mind got a little crazy, and being a pretty aggressive woman to begin with... I signed up on this site and went shopping. (Oh yes, I did find what I was looking for, but that is whole other post.)

Now, as I am starting to explore this online community, I find myself wondering. How did you all get here? What was it that made you sign up on a sex site? Are you too shy in person, too busy working? Or just not getting enough at home and need more? Maybe all of that and then some?

More importantly then what got you here, I want to know what your name means to you.

Me? I was drinking Starbucks. (See the tails? This is actually an original logo, they have since redone it by cropping it in more to hide the tails.)

Oh yes, I like water, oh yes, I love sex.. combining the two even better! and well.. caffiene and stress always makes me very, very horny. I can't sleep.... unless... and my vibrator had just broke. *POUT*

What's your name all about and how did you choose it?

curvymeli 40F

5/31/2006 6:48 am

I know it is self-explanitory; I am very curvaceous; luscious tits and round ass. I have gained a LOT of weight in the last few years, but thankfully didn't lose the hourglassy shape to my figure, and I have another profile in which I am called voluptuousmeli. That was taken here on AdultFriendFinder and I am not too fond of being a numbered person, so I tweaked it a bit.

Oh, and Meli is part of my name, Melisa.

alchemistz9 58M

6/1/2006 12:27 pm

Hi mermaidslut,

Had to come over for my fix...you made a huge impression on me in our first interactions....and I enjoy that very much...you see, deep down, I'm a VERRRRY deep person and I think you are too. And I hate to let a sparring partner get away, or worse, fade away for want of some proper respectful and honouring attention.

Now I have a problem becasue I have 2 names - the one I chose and the one you gave me, so you'll ahve to explain that one.

Alchemy is the search for the holy grail. An Alchemist in traditional Alchemy turns lead into gold. In Coehlo's book the boy realises his power to command the universe by learning to disidentify with "him-self" and be the wind and in so doing gains control of it.

I am an Alchemist. I have been blessed (or cursed) with a "different" mind and in a positive sense can help people to see things they never noticed before, or see things in a way they might never have thought possible, to perceive and understand the world in new, and some times frightening ways.

In a negative sense, playing with me can fuck your head up.

Z is the last of letters, Nine the last of numbers.


alchemistz9 58M

6/1/2006 12:29 pm

And my type A is absolutely totally fried with the typos on the last post!!!

Mermaidslut 51F

6/1/2006 10:03 pm

let go of te tpe A///// learn to turn it ofF.... or it will burden you with the tick tock mindset of conformity.....


you think talkin wit you will f u up?

you dont know me very well, do you?..... yet... hehehe

alchemistz9 58M

6/2/2006 6:26 am

No, I don't know you very well......yet

Mermaidslut 51F

6/2/2006 11:56 pm

Alchemistz9, do you mean Oxymoron? Thats simple, you were basically arguing on Creating Our Own Reality against the ability to create reality, but Alchemy by nature refers to the power to change reality...LOL..

Oxymoron = A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.

Hence, an Alchemist, arguing against the abut to change the nature of something... is defiantly an Oxymoron...LOL

alchemistz9 58M

6/3/2006 2:49 am

Thank you for enlightening me, dear mermaidslut, and we'll have to defer that argument to another place and time - suffice to say I perceive fundamental differences between the abilites of creation and of change and believe we are creatures, not self created beings, and as such what is REAL real is not of our creation but that what is real to us is.

Cu xx

Mermaidslut 51F

7/21/2006 11:30 pm

    Quoting alchemistz9:
    Thank you for enlightening me, dear mermaidslut, and we'll have to defer that argument to another place and time - suffice to say I perceive fundamental differences between the abilites of creation and of change and believe we are creatures, not self created beings, and as such what is REAL real is not of our creation but that what is real to us is.

    Cu xx
Awww, my Dear Alchemistz9..

but does not our every choice we make in this life, create our very reality we live with?

Dogma, is not what I was discussing.

rm_B_O_H_I_C_A 54M
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7/31/2006 9:43 pm

Most recognize the acronym for what it is...
Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
...But they usually think it has to do simply with sex, rather than life in general
As to why I'm here, it's because the most "real" (honest, sincere, etc.) people I've met were a wonderful group who lived the lifestyle (yes, the dreaded "swingers"!!!). I met them while I was stationed in CA, and now that I live in a very "uptight" place and have just gotten divorced (again) ... I'm trying to find friends who are "real" and i prefer to succumb to the drama at the local taverns (read "meat-markets").
I enjoy being able to talk with people who aren't trying to "conform to the norm" and who are comfortable with themselves.
As for sex, I'm very blessed to both have an incredible memory and imagination (blessed in that I can remember with all senses), and to be very ambidextrous.

rm_B_O_H_I_C_A 54M
342 posts
7/31/2006 9:46 pm

That was supposed to read "...and I prefer not to succumb..." but the 'Bold' key seems to have worked as a 'Delete' instead...
I just wanted to clear up any potential confusion

wickedeasy 68F  
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12/22/2006 11:50 am

sweetie - your profile is turned off so i can't email you my other email - rats

i started with a horrble disgustign name and then changed it to this about a motn later.

one of my nicknames as a child was easy because i was so ... easy. i just smiled and went along for the ride.

i added wicked because it suits me and becasue the phrase wickedeasy is so 60's and i liek the juxtaposition. also because i'm as wicked as saturday night and as easy as sunday morning.


You cannot conceive the many without the one.

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1/13/2007 9:44 am

It's the same thing that you think of yourself. no blame shifting for having CFR(Can't fcuking remember) fluffy or sober. So I found out that the Gemini in me likes it.
So either you think, Wow, that's fantastic or Bad doggie no buscuit.
You decide lol

Artimus4U 56F

1/24/2007 7:29 pm

My name is the Latin version of the name of the Greek Goddess Diana.

Artimus is the goddess of the moon, a tomboy, has no masters and only loved one man (Orion). She is also the goddess of the hunt, runs with the wolves and is a warrior.

I am Artimus

Incidentally I have been Artimus online since 1985.

- Artimus

Bard of Norcal

Mermaidslut 51F

1/29/2007 6:09 pm

yes, I have read about Artimus, and Artemisia as well..

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