The State of Gorgeousness  

rm_Merast 46M
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11/23/2006 7:02 am
The State of Gorgeousness

Heres a thing, I have travelled a lot in the past few years throughout the United Kingdom. Ive worked in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, London, Peterborough and Birmingham and Ive got to considering which has the most gorgeous people there. Now Im not just talking about looks, for that would be too easy, what Im talking about is personality, spirit, humour and also looks, things which when you meet a person gets you to thinking, god they are gorgeous (or if you are a man, god I want to fuck her! Hey, at least Im honest!).

Take London for example, what a wide mix of people you get down there. From my experience it is harder to get to know someone there, people are generally very attractive but have a feared attitude to life. They are very closed, as anyone whose ever travelled by tube would undoubtably know. I lived in a flat in london for over a year and my next door neighbour never talked to me once despite my best efforts (thinking on it, maybe she thought I was a stalking nutter.....moving on). Whereas in Aberdeen, despite the rain, the cold, the granite etc etc you could have a chat to someone whilst waiting in a queue in a shop, without receiveing the `are you mad` stare.

Heres another wierd thing, in my experience the further north you go, the bigger the bust size you find. Now obviously, speaking as a man, this is very important culturaly, physically and indeed in any rating of gorgeousness. Maybe its something to do with the cold!

As for humour, well humour is universal but you get different types of humour in different parts of the country. Scottish humour is generally dry as hell and normally quite black, however some of the funniest girls Ive ever met aint neccessarily physically gorgeous but they more than make up for it through their humour. I would far rather fuck someone whom I like and can make me laugh, than some stick thin beautiful supermodel who is so anally retentive they exist on a leaf of lettuce and can only discuss themselves. Another observation, in the south the humour is about other people, in the north it is more self-depreciating (e.g. in London the humour is look at her shes an idiot, whereas in Glasgow it would be, god Im an idiot).

So where does that leave us, (Paisley perhaps??), where for what its worth, for this correspondent, gorgeousness comes in many forms, possibly the least important of which is physical appearance, you can be gorgeous and look like the back end of a bison, you can be ugly with the face of an angel.

Dont have nightmares, please do sleep well.

Goodnight and may your god go with you.

Merast x

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