There Back.... This week's crazy email..  

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6/19/2006 3:40 pm

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There Back.... This week's crazy email..

Date: Jun 19, 2006 3:37 pm PST
Subject: RE: hello
I am real person and a crazy one at that too. Becuase I seek the impossible in an impossible world. what you say?? a man to call my own. As sharing is not in my nature. How dare yoou write to me with a copy and paste message? I personally answer all my emails except when they warrent a quick autoreply. I know you didn't read my profile becuase if you had you'd never email me in the frist place. Don't bother me when you become single becuase if you're cheating on her now you'll be cheat on me. And trust me she'll find out sooner or later. we woman just know things. How can you be spirtual when you're lying to her? a bit two faced aren't we??? Just remember when krama hits you back in the ass... I warned you. Everything you do in the world will come back to you 10 folds. You've made the choice to be a cheater, and if you do that then you must also be a liar too. as cheating and lying go hand in hand. Shame on you. You're taking up valuable air space in this world.You really should think about killing yourself. as that is your worth. Don't bother replying back to this email by the time it gets to you .... I'll have your cheating , lying, sack of shit on my ignore list. And this email will be under my blog as this week's crazy email. Bye Bye Bot.
Best Wishes,

> To: MeliOfNCali
> Date: Jun 19, 2006 10:38 am PST
> The Etherial Jun 19, 2006 8:25 am
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> So the spritualist reading went well. To learn about ones self, so calming. My hopes are high as I ride on through life's endless seach for the one. Naive? maybe. Curiuos? most deffinately. Out on the plain exists someone of like mind and nature. Are you the one? My question of the wandering eye, answered. In some life, past or present, exists the one who has the key to fullfillment. Yes this is a contrary veiw to one of my other blogs, but thats o.k. Without fear I trod the path of life, eyes open, energy flowing. I am assured YOU will find me, now or later. To connect the energy and flow like a swollen river to the sea. With great enthusiasm I search. It is with the zest I posess, that has carried me through the hills and valleys of life, I will not stop now. For it is not in my nature to give up - WIN OR DIE TRYING. So many fake people here, playmates without dates - you must be kidding. Only the strong should respond. I know when YOU read this YOU will know. How sweet that day will be. Promisses and answers, I have none to give. Music, song and the connection of spirit, The cup runeth over. Change is in the air, afraid? not at all. For I am the man that wrestles those who I coach. For I am the one who tackles the ones I coach. For I am the one that flies my dirtbike over the jumps. For I am not afraid of life's twists. I have yet to see my equal - yet I search. The jelousy and enemies abound, confounded by my success. I am REAL. Games are not tolerated, only those of like spirit need apply. ARE YOU THE ONE?
> ------ Profile Attached -------
> My time draws to an end. I had hoped this site was actually for real. I was honest with all and am truly disapointed. Did I say too much? Too little? I am sorry if my approach had become too forward. It is truely my desire to find a woman in a situation similar to my own. I am a fine, financialy secure gentleman of many talents. I guess i've just not adapted to the times. Didn't want to lie my way into someones heart. I was simply hoping to engage mentally and physically with an alike spirit. To my friends, it could of really been fun. My last paid day is the 18th. What's a man suppose to do.LOL. Yes i have loved a few women in my time. Some for along time, but love none the less, for all of them. Still chasing rainbows...................James. Attached not married man. looking for fun and adventure. life is a bit boring .can you spice it up? oakley,ca.

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