Meg's Journey -- Chapter 6  

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8/12/2006 10:53 am
Meg's Journey -- Chapter 6


Mistress Sophie led Meg to a door watched over by 2 handlers dressed in red leather. She told them to let her loose to do as she pleased, but that no man should have sex with her.The attendent by the door asked her if she would like some sunglasses to protect her eyes.
She was then let out the door into the most beautiful garden she had ever seen. Roses blooming on a high wall beside a swimming pool,lawn chairs to bask on, a volleyball court,a walking area among the flowers... it was like a little piece of heaven.The only difference was that everyone here was a slave and naked to her gaze, as she was to theirs!
Meg went to a bar area, and asked for a cold drink of some kind. the man behind the bar looked her name up and said she was allowed any drink she pleased. She got a glass of white wine, and looked over the area. She then walked over to the pool area and sat down on one of the reclining chairs. She started when a woman next to her asked if she would like some oil for her pale skin. "My name is Lisa, would you like me to help you put some on your back and legs?" She was looking at Meg in a way that had her getting wet betwen her thighs. Meg liked being bi, she felt it gave her the best of both worlds, so she wasn't embarassd when Lisa rubbed her naked body. Lisa spoke as she rubbed in the oil, I will explain a little since you are new in here. Meg was listening but she was more interested in the fingers that were getting closer to her pussy.
There are still minor rules here, but if we wish to have fun with someone, there are beds behind that screen over there. Let's see, we can go to the bar over there and have drinks, swim in the pool, walk in the garden, and even pick flowers if we like. But if your Mistress says you may not do something here, that rule is the one you need to obey!
Meg nodded her head, but arched a little as the finger started gliding over her clit. She could feel how wet she was and knew that the other girl had to have felt it too. Lisa stood and moved away, teasing Meg, "would you like to join me in the walking can work on your tan as we chat", she said. As they started across the grass, a male voice called out.."hey Lisa share the newbie with us" , No way Sam, she called back.
"Sam" walked over and introduced himself as well as some of the other volleyball players. Meg couldn't help but notice he had on a silver cock ring, and was rather larger than most men. She blushed when he asked if she liked her men, BIG. he then told her that this was a free area, where everyone could have a good time and do as they pleased..maybe he would show her later.Her face felt hot as she flushed and turned away.
Meg turned and looked at Lisa, wondering if she could really do this here, and if she would be punished for it. Lisa asked her what rule did your Mistress tell the handlers? She replied " No sex with the men". Laughing, she looked over at Sam.."sorry hun,maybe next time".
Meg and Lisa chatted about how they had each come to be at the compound, and even shared a small kiss once. As they started strolling back, Lisa grabbed Meg by the head and pulled her into a deeper kiss than they had before,her body sliding down her front.Meg could feel how hard the other woman's nipples were against her's.Emboldened by the other woman, she reached down and touched her damp sex. Lisa did the same, "let's go around and to the bed section...I want to explore you more". Meg blushed but allowed her to take her hand and lead her to an area where there were outside beds. They fell into another kiss and onto the closest bed, closing the curtains for some privacy, they started touching each other. Meg moaned as she felt a tongue licking her nipple. She slid her hand between their bodies and felt the wetness on her fingers. She slid a finger into that hot spot, eliciting a moan from the other woman. Lisa slid her hand in as well. She moved back up kissing Meg all over as she went to her mouth again. They played with each other and then switched into a 69 position. Sucking on each others clits, and frenzied fingers got Meg to a point of no return and she came on the other womans fingers and mouth. She heard Lisa start to cum too..and moved her fingers faster, Lisa squealed when she came.
They lay in each others arms, resting until Meg heard her name being called...."Oh you better go, that means your Mistress is seeking you now, I will see you again, I hope".
Meg went to the door and was handed over to her Mistress. They went back into the room, where she was then asked to help her lady into a bath and to help get her ready for the banquet. As she washed her Mistress's hair, she was told that tonight she would become a sculpture on the wall for all to admire and do as they pleased, that she was not to shame her Mistress in any way by refusing anyone's request. She would be blindfolded at all times unless someone removed it. Tears stung at her eyes remembering the last time she had been blindfolded, Mistress saw them and kissed them away..then went lower and kissed her lips. Pulling away, she asked Meg to tell her about how she felt being in the garden and to leave nothing out, as she would know. As she helped her Mistress get out and get dressed, Meg told her everything about the day.
When they were done, Mistress told her to go to the trunk at the end of the bed, open it and remove the items inside. Meg removed, a chain of rhinestones, a large heavy rhinestone clip, a set of rhinestone combs and a collar. She was instructed to put up her hair, remove the chain and put the rhinestone one across her rings in front., with Mistress clipping the stoneto the ring in her clit, and attaching the collar. Mistress then got out a mask with rhinestone decorations and showed it to Meg." Don't worry, we won't put it on until you are there".
Before they left the room, a little rhinestone leash to the chain across her breasts. One sharp tug was enough to get her walking behind her Mistress. She could feel the stone rubbing against her lips as she walked.
Meg almost bumped into Mistress Sophie at a large red door. "Here is where we shall have a wonderful evening my dear",as she opened the door..........


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8/13/2006 3:17 am

Medusa, another great chapter, thank you, ^5. DJ

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8/14/2006 2:28 pm

~so enjoying your talee of meg and her adventures...looking forward to the banquet~...*swt*

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i love your stories. really enjoy being able to come to your blog and read them all. look forward to the next one. you are an amazing writer. such talent and imagination.

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