Meg's Journey --Chapter 4  

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8/2/2006 12:10 pm
Meg's Journey --Chapter 4

Meggie was led down a corridor, to her mistress's room,and had her leash taken off, once inside. Mistress then said to her to stand tall, legs apart, hands on her head. Mistress slowly ran her hands over her, stopping to flick at the bells. Meggie suppressed a wimper of pain as it was done,Mistress then kept flicking at the bells, listening to their little tinkle. Soon, meggie kept quiet, no matter how much it hurt. "Ahhhh, now there is my sweety, finally learning your place", Mistress said. Well, I hard you wouldn't lie still for Mr. Giles, so we are going to let you lie nice and still all night. Do you think you can do that? Meggie shook her head yes.
Please go do your night routine, and get ready for bed. Meggie did as she was told, brushing her teeth, hair, and using the bathroom. When she came out, she was told to go to a strange looking bed. It had rubber looking sheets on it. Mistress told her to lie on the bed, and close her eyes. Once she did, she felt like she was being wrapped like a mummy to the bed. Her legs were opened, and she was strapped apart. In a few minutes, she was completly wrapped. Mistress then slipped something over her head. You may open them now. meggie gasped, as she was completly blind to what was going on by the mask. Her lips were the only thing she felt open, as well as some small breathing holes by her nose.
Mistress ran her hands over the "mummy", I have a surprise for you my pet. Feeling her lips being opened wide, she felt them tied open to some bars on either side. "I have attached to little bells on either side of those ropes my dear, if you do not lie still all night, they will ring, and I will know". I will then have my sleep interuppted, and it will not be nice when I come to punish you.
Meggie then heard a small buzzing sound, She felt the tip of a vibrator touch her clit, she shivered. The vibrator was run over the tips of her exposed nipples, either side of her lips...finally being slipped into her pussy. A rope was then tied to keep it in her. She squirmed a bit, but her Mistress flicked her on the clit. Stop it meggie, how are you going to learn to lie still!
Meggie tried to settle down for the night. I am going out for drinks with some other friends of mine..I will be back in a few hours, enjoy your new toy. And remember, I will know if you move...I have a baby monitor on me to hear you.
Tears rolled down the sides of her face under the mask.."what did I do, why am I here...I must have been nuts??"
As she heard the door click, Meggie lay with her mind reeling. Was there really a monitor? She just had to lie still to please her Mistress. She was going to go crazy with a high running vibe in her pussy though...god is felt sooooo good. She tried to lie still, but the sensation of being trapped, and of her throbbing pussy, made her move and she panicked as she heard the bells tinkle. "Oh no"..what will happen ...
She stiffened her body up and dared her body to betray her again. The vibe was like a hum in her ears and all over her body. She could feel her nipples getting tighter as the minutes wore on. She clenched her pussy tighter as the vibe caused her body to betray her and climb slowly to an orgasm. She cried out as it rocked her body, making her nipples resound like a set of jingle bells. She felt her insides gushing around her pussy and ass, making her wet all over. She started climbing down from the orgasm, but the continued vibrations in her pussy kept going. She felt another coming on even stronger...she screamed as it overtook her senses, taking her over the edge yet again...not even slowing down for another on top of it.
It seemed like hours of orgasms and her body was sore and wore out by the time Mistress came in the room....My my little Meggie Belle, so much noise...and your bells were chiming away. What happened to staying still? I must say though, that the many people I was sitting with were very impressed with your many orgasms, and told me I did very well getting you. Continue to please me, and I will not have to send you back to auction.
But, you did break my rules about moving, so now we will have to punish you....


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8/3/2006 7:44 am

great story hun

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8/5/2006 5:25 am

Medusa, very nice, DJ

Medusa231968 49F
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8/5/2006 11:17 am

Thanks to both of you for the comments, they are appreciated


swt_tx64 53F

8/6/2006 8:20 am

~you are so talented at the writing Eroticca....i look forward to following this story~

HisSouthernStorm 49F

8/12/2006 2:21 pm

smiles.. awesome...

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