Meg's Journey --Ch 9  

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8/27/2006 3:03 am
Meg's Journey --Ch 9

Altered Reality

Meg looked up under the edge of her hair, and breathed a sigh of relief at seeing a handler there. He spoke and said, I have brought these items over to attach to you per Lord D'Jay's orders. He held out 8 metal clothespins,then knelt and started clipping them on her pussy lips. It didn't hurt the first few seconds until more were attached. He then reached over and got another item, a weight the size of a peach, and attached it to her clit ring...she cried out when it was released from his hand. The handler whispered, there was nothing he could do unless blood were drawn or she used the safe word that her Mistress told her to use. He then put a blindfold on her and left her there.
It seemed like hours before she heard a voice next to her ear tell her to be quiet and behave.She stiffened knowing who it was, Lord D'jay, what terrible things would he do to her? She was lain across a type of sawhorse looking bench and tied firmly in place, her hands redone in front along the legs, her thighs held open by a set of beams and ankles still cuffed wide.Her breasts were lying on either side of the beam, he put clips on them and attached them to a small set of rings, he slips onto a finger of each hand. He brings a machine up and put a large dildo next to her face and tells her to suck on it. Watching her as she sucks the rubber phallis for many minutes,he leaves her like this for some time. Then he walks over, takes from her lips and inserts it in her pussy. He turns on the machine and says she will be here for a few hours,not making a sound when she cums, because he will take this as a sign of disobedience.
Meg doesn't realize he sits less than 5 feet away as she feels this cock going in and out.He is watching her face, waiting for her to disobey and make even the tiniest of noises.She sense he is nearby and is determined not to make a peep. She feels the dildo pumping in and out of her.She clenches her hand but then sucks in her breathe as the clips on her breasts are pulled sharply. She feels the weight balancing from her clit, as she moved, now swinging and pulling.She hears someone beside her and is shocked to feel a vibration now running in the cock...she moans slighlty. Whack, comes a hard smack on her rear..."I heard that little meg" says Lord D'Jay next to her ear,meg shudders from the impact, but keeps silent.
Meg feels the urge to cum almost immediatly though. Why is it that a simple smack can make her feel the need so quickly? How can this man she has started disliking so much know what would make her wet? Not caring about the pain from all the clips, meg pushes herself back against the moving cock to get it deeper,wanting it faster! She thinks to herself, I need it, I have to cum right now! She cums quickly, but the machine doesn't get turned off, it continues as she climbs higher on the orgasm, feeling the urge to come again and again. The third time coming in a rush down her thighs. Panting quietly she begs silently for the machine to be turned off, no more she begs in silence. She finally looses herself in the next orgasm...crying out as she is rocked by the intensity of it. A flogger begins floating over her body....heh thighs,legs, bare breasts... it leaves no part untouched. the little stings come as she cums once more, the orgasm making her pass out.
She awakens to feel her body like little bites all over, the machine no longer running and she hears someone arguing with Lord D'Jay. "Sir, the girl can't feel what you are doing, she would have no free will then, you must stop as this would be breaking the rules" said a voice. Nonsense, this will surely waken her from that fake sleep, a nice bit of ginger scraped to feel the juices inside. She shall surely waken then. Meg did not understand about using ginger, but it must be something new?
She kept still when she felt someone behind her slowly easing in a finger into her ass. She thought if she stayed silent, then maybe the handler would stop this. She felt a large something going in her bottom, thinking it might be a dildo she forced herself to relax. Once the item was in however she felt a horrible burning and cried out. "See, she is awake all this time", she has been faking her state. the handler had to leave then, realizing she had indeed been awake.
Lord D'Jay then said "For your games, you shall have to keep this in you for the 10 minutes you pretended to be unconcious. I shall enjoy watching you squirm, and you will take a paddle to your behind as well. I think 4 swats for each minute is sufficient! He brings out a penis gag and stuffs it in her mouth, tying it tightly, he removes the blindfold showing her others have seen what she did. She looks around, seeing some guests, as well as a few handlers watching. She blushes but is brought back by a hard smack to her right cheek,others follow! She loses count as she feels a fire burning in her as well as on her. She doesn't mean to but an orgasm rocks through her causing her to squirt, as the last blow is brought down. The ginger "plug" is removed, and a sticky substance applied to her and the burning slows. Lord D'Jay leaves her area, and walks down receiving many pats on the back by other men.He goes to the bar and orders a drink.
Meg watches but then sees something that makes her eyes well up with tears. She sees her Mistress turn and walk away from the room. What must she think of me? Meg is then told her time has been spent and she must be bathed and returned to her Mistress ...


SirMounts 104M

8/30/2006 5:22 am

I'm looking forward to it, and I like your blog, Medusa. *smiling*

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9/28/2006 1:15 pm

I Loved the story, please keep writing more. they are wonderful for those of us without the imaganation.

Glimmer_Man06 48M
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9/30/2006 6:35 am

Whoa Nelly! More, more, more!

They say a woman ages like fine wine...

...mine ages like milk!

Medusa231968 replies on 9/30/2006 4:17 pm:
TY for you imput

elusive_angel 55F

9/30/2006 3:17 pm

GREAT STUFF..............I loved reading it !!!

Elusive Angel


Medusa231968 49F
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10/1/2006 3:00 am

TY for your imput... when people leave comments, I know to keep going


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10/1/2006 8:21 am

Medusa, another fine installment, keep writing, DJ

rm_poppa8umup 52M
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10/5/2006 2:59 pm

written well Popparocker

___desires___ 52F

10/9/2006 3:56 am

Medusa..I went back and read from the beginning..You are very talented. An enticing erotica~~the makings of a great novel. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Great job.. Samantha

Medusa231968 49F
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10/9/2006 4:54 am

TY all for the encouragement. If anyone knows a good publisher, let me know...LOL


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