When You're Right and Everyone Else is Wrong  

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When You're Right and Everyone Else is Wrong

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5/18/2006 5:18 pm

The picture in this post is from the 1980 blockbuster hit, the Elephant Man. I saw the movie in the theatres with my mom when I was about seven. The movie is probably regarded as the first real breakthrough movie against discrimination and is referred to in many movies that follow after it for years following it's release.

It's essentially about a Man who is born with a birth defect in which he inherits many physical characteristics of an elephant. He tries to hide it from society with a mask, but once people are aware of what his true physical characteristics are, they group together in mobs and try to cast him out of society. They confer with each other throughout the movie, and essentially the whole bulk of society is in agreement that he is a threat to society despite his gentle nature,and hunt him down with torches trying to kill him.
All through the movie, the elephant man is forced to hide from the people who want to kill him. Everyone is against him, from peasants, to police, to townsmen, right up to the most respected people in society. He is pushed further and further into a corner with no one on his side, until finally he is unable to run from society no longer, and is forced to stand up and fight everyone else in the world alone. The emotional climax of the movie comes when the mob who is chasing them with torches backs him into a corner, and he stands up and shouts, "I am not an animal, and delivers a moving speech which displays his human qualities." At this point the crowd becomes moved by him, and accepts him into society.

It would be nice to think that the film left a lasting message with people which taught them not to discriminate, but after my experience on this site, it is clear to me that society has not come very far since 1980. This reality is depicted again and again in countless Simspons episodes, where the Springfield residents gather in mobs acting in a common pursuit which more often than not is absolutely ridiculuos, yet since everyone is in agreement they pursue it nonetheless. We all laugh at these ridiculous scenarios, but the fact of the matter is is, that it is not far removed from the truth.

I have a theory for why this is. I think that as people are growing up, the most important thing in the world to them is being accepted into society. It comes before everything else. I think one of man's greatest fears is being cast out of society. These are the people who are labeled geeks and nerds and given abuse by everyone as they are growing up. People will say just about anything, provided it is something they feel is commonly accepted by everyone else. There are many aspects of society which are clearly out to lunch if a person looks at them, (which I won't mention now, for fear of being labeled a geek) yet become commonly accepted viewpoints nonetheless.
The problem that exists in society, in my opinion, is that people's opinions are not accepted based on their merit and potential contribution to society, but are rather based on who they are and their social status within society.
If an ex-con comes up with a really good idea for keeping the streets safe, people will often look past that idea, and begin to judge the character until they are not satisfied, and then turn away from the idea altogether. That is to say, they discriminate. They judge the person, not their thoughts, ideas and actions.
At the point in time that the first respected member of society walks away from this person, and others begin to follow, the pursuit of having those initial ideas listened to become exceedingly difficult. People have now made up their mind, and thus generally accepted that the ex-con was wrong in his thinking, and base their reality outside of anything the ex-con tries to express. But if you stop and think about it, does this prove that the ex-con was wrong in his thinking? Suppose his ideas would have changed society for the better? I think that's a little tough for people to swallow. But it's not his ideas that are tough to swallow, so much as the idea of accepting the ideas set forth by an unrespected member of society. No one wants to be told what to do by someone in a lower place than them. It's too bad, really, because I'm sure some of the best ideas come from the places people least expect, yet they are immediately discarded due to their place in society.

When the first Iraq-American war started back in 1991, I was seventeen years old, and was just moving out on my own. Over the next couple of years I began thinking about war, and it would often keep me up at night. Aside from war, I also put a great deal of thought into family, religion, politics, economics, and many other topics which are pertinent to society as a whole while continuing with my music pursuits. At one point, all my conclusions on these subjects added up. I realized exactly how to take society in a whole new direction. Ending war was so simple, albeit elaborate, with the conclusions I had come to. There were many other aspects of society that I now understood, and I became aware of how to rid the world of hatred. What I had discovered at the time, made me sure that the world could change for the better if I just had a chance to speak publicly. I can't remember all of it now, except to say that I was so sure of what I had to say, that I just ran out into the streets trying to get someone's attention, so that I could go through authorities and have them network me to someone in the position to allow me to speak my voice. I didn't know much about how the system worked at that time, and assumed that when the cops came to talk to me, that if I used my sesne of reason I could explain evrything to them, they would understand what I was saying, and make the necessary contacts which allowed me to speak my mind.
Of course, little to my knowledge at the time, the world doesn't work that way. An officer is only trained to deal with disturbances and the like, and regardless of the content in which I was speaking, his duty was merely to deal with the disturbance.
In my mind at the time, I thought if I made the disturbance, I could get the necessary attention which allowed me, to carry out my opinions beyond that point. However, while I have already moved past the disturbance and on to the intellectual content which inspired the disturbance, the officer is still shuffling the disturbance through his mind. I'm saying intelligent things to him, but he can't hear them, because his mind is filled with thoughts irrelevant to what I am telling him. At the point where he feels he is no longer able to grasp what I am saying, he brings me to a psychiatric doctor. This does not worry me at first, because I make the assumption that someone who is trained in psychiatry will have the intelligence to understand that I was sane, and be able to listen to the elaborate message I had to say.
However, all the while that I am explaining my need to be networked to a place where my message can be heard, how important my message was in all reality, and the content of the message, the doctor, like the cop, began to shuffle unrelated thoughts through his head. Everytime, I finished a sentence, it always seemed that no one had understood what I had said. I mean what I was telling them was elaborate, and I don't deny that, but I had very good communication skills back then, and I always checked back to see if they had understood what I just said, but they always drew a blank. The reason is that their minds were filled with all sorts of unrelated medical and psychiatric blabbercackle. I was being discriminated against, because I had been brought in by the police. Had I have discussed thevery same things with them at a social setting, it is very likely they would have understood what I was saying to them. Instead they continued to look at me blankly until finally giving up on understanding what I was saying despite explaining it over and over to them. At the point when they figured that what I was saying wasn't important, due to their inability to grasp it, they began to confer amongst themselves. Although I wasn't involved in these discussions, judging by the way people related to each other in that environment, it was pretty easy for me to figure out what was happening. The doctor formed an opinion which he voiced to another doctor. They tried to communicate about the things I was talking to them about, unarmed with an actual understanding of what I was talking to them about, and at the point that they were both in agreement that they didn't understand what I was talking about, I'm sure the conversation took on a whole new direction. More than likely related to whatever thoughts were shuiffling through their minds when they were trying to listen to me. This converstation would have continued, until the two doctors agreed on a course of action. Of course they can't get anything done until an agreement is reached, so they had to come to some kind of agreement, but whatever they agreed upon as a course of action, was not based on understanding what I was trying to tell them. I'm sure contacting Oprah was not an option for them, so they had to come to a decision based on the facilities at hand.
At the point in time when the two doctors agreed that I had a mental disorder, it became written in stone within the context of our society, They had now finished their job and reached a diagnosis, and it became no longer in their hands anymore, but in the hands of the security and nurses. Since the doctors had made their decision, they were obliged to comply with it. At that point nonething I said had value anymore since I was now seen as a mental patient. Whenever I made a strong argument in my defense, the nurses would just draw a blank, because they knew, or at least they assumed, that they couldn't act against the doctors authority. At the point where the nurses blank was drawn out too long, they reverted to another path of thinking to keep their own sanity, yet still failed to understand my argument. There was basically no way out of this, and rationality no longer worked in my favor.

This spilled over into every aspect of my life. Anytime I would get into a violent argument with my brother or dad and the police would show up, and I explained the events and circumstances to them, the conversation would lead to the same blank, since they had record of me having a pychiatric background. At the point when they had given up on listening to the story, they would grab my arms. When I pulled my arms away, they threw me on the ground and kicked me for a while. I couldn't win with words, I couldn't win with force. I couldn't win.

When I was brought to the hospital, the whole cycle started over again.
They had all sorts of reasonings which acted against me. According to them, I was ill for believing I didn't have an illness. I was ill when I was pressured to speak my voice. I was ill for having grand dreams and aspirations. I was ill for my opinions on religion, family, or anything else. When I fought off the police to tried to lock me in a little room, I was violent. When I said I feel like killing my dad, I was homicidal. Now that I was labeled a mental patient, just about evrything I thought fell into some sort of category for what they define as a mental illness. But that's their thinking, not mine. So who's ill? They also try to say that there is no cure for this so called mental illness-that a person will be ill for the rest of their life. What kind of way to think is that? How's that gonna make your mind better? They say that this "illness" they've invented must be stabilized with medication, none of which ever changed how I thought. Yet they tried to force me to take it for years leading to years and years of heated conflict.
What was I supposed to do? Give up, and say, "yeah I guess you're right, I'll be a mental patient." I always knew I was right, but they always were sure that they were right. The difficulty from my standpoint is that they were in a higher social position than me, and thus their opinion pulled more weight than mine.
But what do you think? If you have elaborate ideas that you fully believe in, and other people don't understand those ideas, should they have any control over your fate? Is it really wrong to wanna change things? Obviously the world isn't perfect. Hatred still exists. Is it wrong to try and end it?

While I don't personally believe it is wrong to try and change things, I have discovered the difficulty in this nonetheless. Whenever something is being done outside the norm, people will attack it visciously.
When I first came onto this site, my profiel started as follows:
I give ya the short version.
I am a 32 year old musician and I absolutely love natural disasters. First there is the tidal wave, with it's powerful yet graceful motion as it moves in and then out, soaking and overtaking everything in it's path. Then there is the earthquake. While an earthquake typically only a lasts a couple minutes, the overall hectic nature of the situation can make it seem like hours. Finally there is the volcano. While lava levels are constantly risning and falling, the general overall direction is a slow gradual rise. As temperatures increase, the motion of the lava becomes increasingly hectic and articulate. At the point where it becomes clear that an eruption is inevitable, awareness is heightened, and one must seek as much awareness as possible prior to and throughout the entire eruption.
Here are some tips on surviving natural disasters.
Tidal wave: try to find something stationary to hold on to. While the force of the tidal wave may be to strong to fight against, it is still possible to maintain one's composure.
Earthquake: While much more difficult to survive than a tidal wave, it is still possible. Hold on for dear life, surviving will take every ounce of strength you got.
Volcano: There is no way to survive a volcano.

It was better when I first wrote it and put more thought into it but you get the general idea.
I then initiated contact on this site with the advice question"If I don't look as good as Larry King do I have a hope in Hell on this site?"
The very first answer that I got back was from a girl who said that my profile was long and rambly. It was clear to me that it went over her head and that she missed the sexual analogy, and as I read through the other answers it was clear to me that it went over most people's heads. I was even accused of being sadistic. Much like the doctor who I spoke of, many people are running other things through their mind when reading a question, and fail to look into the person. Also, once the girl made her initial comment which as I mentioned went over her head, instead of answering the question about Larry King, most people began to respond that they agreed with the first girl, thus stating that it went over their heads as well. It is likely, in my opinion, that they weren't answering the question with any intent of responding to the question, but rather decided to agree with the girl in an attempt to befriend her. I now see that there are many grown adults who still base there pride on having a friend, over the ability to relate to someone. It's silly to me. From there, I decided to joke back with people, nonseriously, hoping they would laugh and hoping they would get me eventually. However, people never really made any attempt to get to know me. Instead they responded to my questions with the intention of siding with the social majority despite the fact that the social majority stemmed from a girl, in which my advice question and profile went completely over her head.

And I guess that's what I mean about being right when everyone else is wrong. It's all too common in this world. People revolve their whole lives around fitting into the majority, thus will adhere to their views, regardless of whether they are right, and oppose anyone who's views conflict with the majority. However, in my view, as long as we are running around spreading hate everywhere, instead of witty comebacks, I feel that the majority is wrong, and will continue to fight against it. Despite that fact that I am working agaisnt hatred in the world, it is likely that people will gather together and fight me with every ounce of strength that they got.
It's like Albert Einstein once said. Great Spirits will always face violent opposition from mediocre minds. In my opinion, it's also like Mr. Burns says on the Simspons sing the blues album.."surrounded by Morons. Morons. Surrounded by Morons."
I love that song. See ya in the funny pages.

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5/18/2006 5:28 pm

Hey money. You wrote you're comment while I was writing this, and I just read it. Thanks for illustrating my point. I'm guessing that once you saw that I claimed to be right when everyone else was wrong that I must be smokin some good shit. I mean they're the majority, right? So I must they must be right, right? In answer to your question, "Right now? Yes. After you read the comment? Hopefully not. Don't feel bad, I got nothin against sharin"

MeLikeKmunch2 60M

5/18/2006 5:29 pm

Okay Okay. I get ya now. I admit it. It's pretty bad when someone who claims they are right misspells, "right" I'll fix that now.

MeLikeKmunch2 60M

5/18/2006 5:32 pm

Me Kmunch. Me think people make decision too quick. No know NO ONE right away. Always take time.

MeLikeKmunch2 60M

5/19/2006 2:17 am

And then there's all those lame ass questions in the advice columns!! 9whiny0I can't get my dick to go straight!! How do I please a woman!! What are your thoughts on anal sex!! How do I convince someone who doesn't want to fuck me to me!! I can't set my VCR!! I can't open a bag of airline peanuts!! I'm a Frickin MORON!!(/whiny)

I mean they answer half the questions like they're trying to get the top grade in an english essay or somethin!! Who wants ta fuck tha teacha?? Then when I come along ta spice things up a little, they all lynch Mob me in defense of their boring boring boring questions!!
(whiny)This is the advice lines. this is not the place for that.(/whiny)If you're on here to have sex, and you want my advice, stop tryna sound like some frickin uptight sex education teaher and start ple putting an effort into bein sexy!!!

At least be interesting, if nothin else! I could probably fuck any one of these bitches until every atom inside her implodes inta waterfalls in outa space, but I get cast out of the advice lines ta make room for Johny "Just be honest and talk about your feelings with her" Lameass Limpdick Wiggum!! There's friggin democracy for ya!

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