How big is Big?  

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5/15/2006 12:43 am

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How big is Big?

You know the phrase, "Be the bigger man?"

It's quite a world we live in. I'm sure everyone would love to hold hands in a circle and sing The Mammas and Pappas songs, but how realistic is this?

I know there are people in my life that I have a difficult time forgiving, and there always seems to be someone in the world who figures out a really creative way of pissing me off.

It's only natural. If you smile at a cashier and then she gives you a dirty look when she gives you your change, you can't help feeling a little pissed off. But who made her grumpy? And what about that person, and the person before, etc. Of course that's the least of extremes, and it is uusally not hard to walk away from, tellin yourself, "Oh she's just havin a bad day."

Sometimes, we have legitimate reason to be pissed off at someone. Or so we tell ourselves.

Nonetheless, it is this type of hypothetical situation involving the cashier that concerns me the most right now and I'll start here, for I see the reason for the cashier's grumpiness in these situations revolving around the fact that she feels the world doesn't act the way she wants them to-that people don't understand her.

My smile was likely ill timed or ignorant of her expression or what have you. There's that feeling we get when people don't make sense to us, or when someone doesn't understand what appears OBVIOUS to us.

Sometimes our intelligence is insulted.

You ever watch a TV commercial where a 50 year old man is smiling all phony like and telling you how wonderful his toilet brush is?

You know when people just have that look about them, that so help you god, you just don't like?

Or when VJ's on music shows put too much effort into trying to be all hip and cool and it's so phony it makes ya want to throw up?

Maybe someone figures he's gonna take over the world by posing as a cast of celebrities and Mobsters, and ya just can't help but think how pathetic he is.

It's true. We hate people. We can't help it, it seems.

Wouldn't the world be great if everyone was the way we wanted them to be?

We can't ask people to change to suit our needs, can we?

This likely will never happen anyways.

So what do we do about this?

How do we rid OURSELVES of hatred toward others?

How do we be the bigger man?


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