Postmodernism and deconstruction  

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6/10/2005 10:32 pm

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Postmodernism and deconstruction

Through postmodernism and deconstruction we can take everything in our worlds and make it as large as the universe or as small as the electron. perhaps I am not drinking boxed wine, but I am joining into a culture of peers by engaging in an act which signifies certain traditions--does it denote me as desiring class yet failing, does it invoke the legacy of the past drinkers of cheap wine, those countless poets and bums from verlaine to ginsberg to men in gutters. the postmodern condition can indeed be dizzying, for ever point of view we find as we deconstruct leads only to another fractal of viewpoints, and all of these simply point back to our own biases--for there is no postmodern scientific method, and by the very nature of the process my deconstructions will be different from yours--and that is either the final flaw or the triumph.

rm_FreeLove999 47F
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6/11/2005 1:45 am

viva deconstruction, smashing everything to pieces -- and then taking those little fractal machines, random objects and reconstructing them in bizarre combinations, obscure ways and making whatever we want from them. drink box wine or even "papsak" (a specifically south african cheap wine) and do what you will with a rat's ass and a bicycle horn... what new cultures, acts, traditions, philosophies, machines can you make with these -- what new lines of flight to new territory can you set free...?

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