For all you wine lovers out there.  

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8/20/2005 9:22 pm

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For all you wine lovers out there.

While those crafty Chinese may have hollowed the American manufacturing sector, they haven't made quite the same inroads into the food and beverage industry. And I'm starting to see why. Not too long ago was the soy sauce made of human hair. But on another note why don't you wash some of that hirsute soy sauce down with a nice glass of fish wine?
I just have so many questions about wine made from fish. As far as mechanics are concerned, doesn't the winemaking process require sugars to ferment into alcohol? Given that you need sugars, and that protein sources are almost always costlier than sugar sources, the choice of fish baffles me. Where's that Chinese cost-cutting we've come to know and love?

Then there are flavor questions. There's the big question: why would you put that in your mouth? But there are subtler questions as well. Should fish wine be served chilled? What types of food does it go best with? Besides fish, that is. And I'm having a hard time envisioning the descriptions on wine menus: "Complex notes of perch and mackerel, with live bait undertones and a briny finish." Or: "Redolent of gill."

Perhaps most puzzling of all, the wine is being touted as being low in alcohol. Let me get this straight--you want me to drink fermented fish entrails, and it won't even get me hammered? Thanks, but I'll stick with my grape-based wine or, when that runs out, my Sterno Coladas. Buy American!

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