Banjo Case  

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4/13/2005 8:48 pm

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Banjo Case

Banjo Case

The banjo playing fool lives up on 3rd street.
He dont care who hears his absurd beat.
He ain't affluent,
He's far from it,
He just makes enough so he and his bird eat.

No ordinary occupation does he possess.
(Which could be why he's home-less)
He just enjoys,
Playing that noise,
And asking for spare change to end his distress.

On one day I thought I might look in that case,
And quite a sight came back to my face.
Two chicken bones,
Three rocks and stones,
And a ladies tu-tu, I belive it was made of lace.

This last item struck me as kind of crass
So I asked him who's it was at last.
He looked around,
And I bended down,
And he said, "Dancing makes me alot more cash."

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