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Mayansitarist 63M
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7/21/2006 8:27 pm
Clerks II

My wife became a Kevin Smith fan after I introduced her to the genre some years ago. I thought it would be nice to take her to see the new movie Clerks II for her birthday. (She just turned 51.) My 31 year old son and his (?)girlfriend, asked if they could join us. That was my mistake I know, if it was a birthday present I just should have brought the wife, I know that. (Hey, I masde a mistake and admit it, OK!!??) On the way there, my wife got into a pissing match with my son about a motorcyclist who was driving very recklessly, passing us on a yellow line into oncoming traffic and the like, and she reported him via cellphone at my request. (Hey, I didn't want anybody getting killed and making late for the movie.) I don't even recall what the argument was about, but once again my wife succeded at humiliating me in front of my son and ruining her own evening for christ's sake! (The movie, however, was hysterical, a MUST see as they say.)What does this have to do with being bought by my in-laws? I am married to my wife because she begged me to marry her - (she lost her first husband to a heart attack, I lost my first wife to her sister's husband!) after I SWORE I would NEVER re-marry. Being disabled and living in a relatively crappy apartment having not much of an income, my wife's parents said they would buy her a house. Not US mind you, HER. Well, here I am. Yes it is of my choosing. Yes, I should have stuck to my guns and NEVER re-married, but - there you go. In the meantime, if any of you lovely ladies out there think you could put a smile on my face even for a moment, PLEASE - by all means feel free to do so. I sure could use it.

Tonifemale 66F

2/27/2007 2:28 pm

Hi there, I just got done reading your post. Wowow. sounds like you had a bad time of it. Id love to put a smile on your face if your still interested. If not thats ok too. Hope all is well with your knee. I know you posted this last year. But I just found it. Hope all went well for you. I had to have a total knee replacenemt durning the summer. OUCHHHH. Hurt like hell. Oppss sorry hehehehe. But Im telling the truth. Be well and be safe. Have a wonderful evening. Toni (Tonifemale)

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