Lick my lollypop...  

rm_MayImlady 40M
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9/1/2006 9:10 am
Lick my lollypop...

As of midnight last night I stopped smoking (and various other things), on leaving work at 1 in the morning I threw all my smoking parafinalia in the bin.

It's been about 17 hours so far and all is well. I've heard it said it's more difficult to quit smoking then quit heroin, i'm not so sure about that.

Firstly you have to want to quit, secondly try and sleep alot (you don't smoke when you're sleeping, unless you're in real trouble).
But the best tip I can give you... lollypops! try and get the ones with the plastic stick, this doubles up as a replacement for your cigerette.

So last night I got to bed pretty early, and as soon as I got up this morning I went for an hour run. After that I had a quick shower, went to church, then went and did my shopping. Keep yourself busy, that's the trick, and lollypops

Have a great day xx

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