What's Your Baby's Claim to Fame?  

MaxxSayer 62M
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5/10/2006 10:26 am
What's Your Baby's Claim to Fame?

Bruce, your baby's bound to be a Writer or Artist

You knew from the beginning that your baby was different from the other newborns in the nursery. It's clear your babe's very bright and exceptionally observant – and you may have even heard people say it seems like your little one's already an old soul with a flair for insight and artistry. That's why we think they might be next in line to write the Great American Novel or open a revolutionary new exhibit at the Met.

You probably encourage your baby's individuality and creativity, providing them with lots of toys and crafts with which to experiment with self-expression. You're also probably likely to spend tons of time developing your baby's brain by reading to them and playing music – classical or otherwise. That's great. But don't be afraid to throw in a little baby talk or dance the tango with them now and then. Their artistic spirit isn't going anywhere, and even creative geniuses need time to kick back, loosen up, and crack a goofy smile.

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