The which Avenger are you test  

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6/14/2006 6:19 am

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The which Avenger are you test

You scored 75 Power, 87 Intelligence,and 75 Teamwork!

An android who can become both ethereal as a ghost and as hard as diamond. He can shoot a blast of energy from his forehead and can partially solidify any part of his body inside a foe which really, really hurts. What?!? You don't want to be an android? Well this android happens to get his freak on too. He was married to the super hot Scarlett Witch until he lost his emotions (just like a man). Eventually, his emotions returned and then he got some Mantis action. You're also pretty smart being an android and all, and you get along well with your teammates. Unless someone is messing with your mind which only happens every six issues or so. Your female counter-part is Scarlett Witch. You're least like Falcon (or any other human). Other Avengers you resemble: Quasar and Jack of Hearts
Hank Pym is less powerful.
Thor is less intelligent.
Iron Man is less teamwork oriented.

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