Time changes everything1  

Max100Mad 57M
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8/8/2006 8:00 pm
Time changes everything1

It is a fact,time changes everything! A once full head of hair is receding,middle is expanding,aches are increasing,I wonder where this is going! Life and time,so connected,many friends are gone,my belief is that we will see each other again,but where do I put the ache of missing them! Parents,best friends,casual work friends all added to the list and here I am in a new place! A place so that I would not fall into a rut of sameness,that is death to me! Does not everybody want to meet new people and tie them to the old people we know. But it doesn't work that way,find new to replace the old,mourn the old for a while,miss what you had and move on,but..Just like the memory of a hot sexual partner,it all fades,seven or eight times a night become seven times quarterly,if you're lucky! Sexual conquests become things that young guys once bragged on,and you just want someone to talk to..time changes everything doesn't it...

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