the men's locker room  

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2/26/2005 11:58 pm

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the men's locker room

There is nothing that makes me more thankful for wearing glasses than the men's locker room at the Ballys in Hollywood. What the hell is it about these guys that makes them want to strut around naked?? You have a home, get naked there! I didnt come here to see your ass, I came to see that girl's ass, and to make my ass look good enough so that she'll want to see mine! Jeez...nothing more horifying to see these old men with the bulbous belly stickin gout over their tiny franks and beans. And the guy is rich which means he's getting a lot more attention from girls my age than I am(one of the wonderful things about LA), how horrifying is that? But when I change for the pool I take my glasses off, and it all becomes a wonderful blur. I have to say that after a few visits to the locker room I have to wonder what the hell it is you ladies see in men, because these are horrifying, disgusting creatures who apparently think that seeing their fat, wrinkled asses won't make me want to claw my eyes out. Or at the very least, remove my glasses.


2/27/2005 8:39 pm

Hmmm being a contact and glasses wearer I do get your point. Taking them off sometimes does wonders for the world around But I do disagree on the other point, I never lust after anything that comes packaged wrinkly and matter the bankroll ~grin~

I'd rather look at your bottom.

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