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1980mcz 37M  
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2/15/2005 11:59 pm

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Well, I guess for my first blog I'm gonna post my thoughts(well, questions really) about how to get more profile views. I think I have a pretty darn good profile, the women who see it tell me I have a pretty darn good profile. But that doesn't help much because no one ever looks at the bloody thing. So whats it take? I guess I understand...there are so many men on this site that women don't need to seek us out, because they get 100 messages a day. But this is killing us. They're getting tons of formletters and jackasses, they are completely overwhelmed. I used to put a lot of effort into writing responses, but half the time I doubt it was even read due to just being lost in the mass. So now I rarely bother because who wants to put a lot of time and thought into something that may not be read, and if it is may not catch their interest? I can live with the second, if I'm not her type then c'est la vie...but the first annoys the shit out of me.
Well, I just updated my headline, maybe the Eternal Sunshine reference will catch some interest.

whats with these mood things? What if my mood isnt on here? From this point on, my mood will be randomly chosen.

rhyannax 51F

2/19/2005 4:42 pm

I already know you and look at your profile on occasion to see what you'll come up with next...entertainment is good, a good hunk of us girls are bored with all the cock shots so don't give up yet.

rm_beepers81 36F
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3/27/2011 8:41 pm

I have to agree!!!! I just started this whole thing and Im not to sure if I really am going to continue with it. I would love to get a little note from you. I would reasd it. What caught my attention was this blog!!!! Im a local and I actually work in Scotts Valley!!! Anyways W/B!!!!

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