You guessed it  

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7/10/2006 7:21 pm
You guessed it

She was not the only one changed by the grisly experiences in the cellar her MAN had changed also. He had always been and would always remain a charming, gentle soul but as a lover he had become more urgent and rough. She liked it.
She had knocked frantically on his door gasping for breath. She could not remember the following moments because her excitement clouded her memory over but it must have been only a scarce few gulps of air. She was instantly complete again, comforted by his strong arms a sense of safety he could only give her. Her fingers were interlaced behind his neck and his hands clamped to her thighs. One boot lay on the floor and her leather trousers swung back and forth from her other ankle where the other boot still held to her foot. She was in the air held in his arms as he pounded like a rabid animal into her. Her tunic was torn open and he was hunched over sucking hard on her exposed nipples.
All she could do was scream out at the top of her lungs as he fucked her hard splashing his huge cock and thighs with her pent up juices. Afterward she would lick him clean from knee to knee spending extra attention of his cock, balls, and asshole but as she roared through one of many orgasm she could only feel relieved by finding him again and it had only been half a tenday.
He had not been done. He had let her regain her feet and she almost crashed to the floor on noodle like legs but he had her again. Let her regain her feet he did but he did not let her regain her bearings.
There was a plush high back chair in the small dwelling surrounded on both sides by books of all makes and shapes, it seemed so out of place considering the scarcity of the surroundings. She was pushed over the arm of this chair and her faced pressed down into the worked leather covering. He entered her again and picked up the blazing momentum of his thrusts. Jhatison pushed the remainder of the torn tunic up around her shoulders and the back of her head so he could rake her back with his hungry fingers. He started to spank her with his broad hands and she knew in the morning she would have bruises on the tops of her thighs and handprints on her ass but she loved it. There was so much raw energy and passion that the emotions were almost enough spend her over the edge but there was no need because his plunging cock was taking care of that and her.
A kind lady with a basket full of bread tapped Jasmine’s rump lightly with her cane and brought her back to the present. “You ok, sweetie?”
“Oh I am just precious,” Jasmine smiled for the fourth or fifth time in her life and stomped off toward the Veil, people should learn to let her daydream when she was carrying a sword and a burning desire in her pants.

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