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7/10/2006 7:12 pm
Yet another

She knew one way to get him to tell the truth, she smiled and brushed her napkin off the edge of the table with her elbow. It took an entirety to float down to the floor and both of them watch it as trying to guess for what purpose it may have become dislodged from the table.
“Oops, silly me,” the demure and ravishing woman put a innocent hand to her mouth in feinted embarrassment before he could do the chivalrous thing and retrieve it for her. She dipped under the table with a wink, which he could not misinterpret.
As if cursed with the bad timing bug, Squigill appeared up the steps with an angry waiter on his heels but Erikk brushed the upset man off with a wave of his hand. The warrior’s companion took up station on the abandoned stool and scanned the used plates like a sleuth trying to break a great crime. “Date in the powder her nose and her face paint room?”
“Well actually…” Erikk felt a small hand on the lacing covering his crotch and faltered, he was speechless for a second and this was definitely out of character for him. “Yes, she is frequenting the ladies’ room.”
“Aye, good enough I have some new for ye,” he examined her plate with the end of a discarded fork and found a slice of hen to his liking. “My this one likes to eat, nearly ate her whole meal. Here and I though the modern woman did not like to eat in front of men.”
He was free, the yet to be noticed post rain breeze tickled the sensitive skin of his heavy sack and sent shivers up the length of his cock. Her hand cupped his chilly jewels to warm them against the icy touch of the air and her small, pouting lips let his head pass through. “You can say that again.”
“Aye, I could but it would take longer for me to share my news,” he gave his friend a wink to punctuate his wit but the big man was just staring at him like a frozen deer. Further and further he was swallowed until he questioned if there was any more room in the cavernous mouth of his new acquaintance. Her tongue bathed the under side of his engorged penis as sharp nails scratch ever so delicately between his hanging pearls and his forbidden arse. He was so tense that he had to grasp the edge of the table to prevent fidgeting.
“This might not be the place for that,” was all he could offer as the woman’s head bobbed up and down his length with her expert spare hand stroking him in a fluid corkscrew motion. He feared he might lose his control and gag her quickly with his seed but he had a reputation to uphold even in this out of way city.
“This is no worse than any other and this is news we shant be ignoring,” Squigill topped off a wine goblet and helped himself to a few healthy swigs of the outrageously expensive wine. “Expensive stock but still tastes like horse piss to me.”
“I would think our room would serve better,” he confessed as Nianaknak increased her torturous pace. He was having problems sitting still and found himself involuntarily rise up off the seat to plant himself deeper and deeper in her mouth. This was much better than looking at the stupid moon.
“It might be now that you mention it. How long as the girl been in the room?” Squigill had forgotten all common decency and had started drinking straight from the wine jug. It was not every day this weary dwarf had free wine and the remains of a meal.
The seal around his staff was broken and not even the soft hands remained. Erikk relaxed a little and wondered what his companion would do if he knew the prettiest lass in all the Holds was under the table servicing him like a dancing girl.
“Yes it would. I will finish…” something brushed against his leg and he could not help himself but look at the shapely calf as it poked out from under the table. What was the girl up to?
“What is it?” Squigill’s ugly face was an orchestra of wrinkles as he frowned but he did not see another shapely calf emerge beside Erikk’s other leg. The stone faced warrior did not know what was happening until the last second as a heart shaped ass appeared over his unmasked crotch. His cock slowly slid down that incredible moist path as Nianaknak crawled backward into him, her back must have been pressed to the underside of the table and her arms holding up all of her weight. She was so tight, he had been with many virgins in his time but this was different. It was like his cock was held by this clenching fist, her pussy was milking him with internal pulses and he had to grab the side of his stool to prevent exploding like a mad man.
“Nothing,” he removed his desperate hands only to place them on her slowly grinding ass, he dug small angry circle into her soft flesh as she tortured him with insistent deep spasms. Oh she was more than just good she was the best.
“Well somebody is not in the mood to talk today,” the dwarf wiped half of the food off his face and dropped the napkin but it missed the table. “Oh let me get that mister anti-social.”
Erikk did not care as he brought the rump back and forth against his lap and did even register that the dwarf was leaning over to pick up the napkin from the wooden floor. The rogue bent over and stopped as a lithe arm reached out from under the tablecloth and handed him the soiled handkerchief.
“Thank you,” he whispered and smiled, good ole Erikk the lady killer. He turned and made a show of storming to the stairs, he was going to keep the cloth square for his own pleasures seeing that his friend was getting the real thing.
His eyes were closed so he did not see his friend depart and he did not really care about the astonished look the waiter was casting his way. Erikk was in a blissful nirvana and it was all centered on his penis.
The broad shouldered man pulled away from the table and brought his lover with him. With her free from the confines of the underside of the sexual prison he was able to revenge the evil dance she had performed on his lap while he was attempting a conversation with the forgotten thief. He had stood from the stool and was pounding away at that perfectly shape ass and rewarded with the grunts and moans of the now vocal mime. She felt so good and she was giving all indications that he was doing the same for her. The moon was a great backdrop for their tryst and he was making full use of the atmosphere. He was sending waves of rippling flesh with each deep thrust and living up to his name.
Nianaknak push back with more strength than Erikk gave her credit of possessing and he sat back down involuntarily on the stool. The ageless priestess had more surprises and flexibility circus performers would be envious of. She twisted around on him, never breaking contact so that she seemed like she was going to sit in his lap and ride him but that was not entirely her intent. As her left leg passed over his head her right foot touched the floor and she stopped like this with her leg pointed straight up in the air. His eyes were saucers of disbelief as she started to rock into him with her lips pressed against her own shin.
“What is your hurry big boy?” She purred as his hand reached her bare breast, they were as perfect as his smile and opened just as many doors. He was rough with her boobs as they bounced and jiggled with her movements but men had a tendency to forget themselves when she had them in her most precious grip, she was a complete package from her painted toes to her golden locks. He wondered if he could take her back south with him.
“No hurry at all,” he gasped and forgot poetry of words for a few minutes as he felt the burning rise of his seed from his swaying sacs, he hoped she did not fly off his lap when he exploded.
“You need to learn to enjoy the moment.” The smell. That is what was wrong with her new beau, he did not have the smell. No one had the smell of Jhatison.

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