The Pantry  

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3/28/2006 6:24 pm
The Pantry

Sissy had barely been in the house 1 day when she could see this might not be one of her greatest ideas. The shower scene unnerved her. However, should it? So many years had been spent putting her desires aside. She had the opportunity to take full advantage of all these men. Not that they would complain, she was sure. This could be an avenue for her to live out all of her fantasies. Sissy was back to sitting on the bed and asked herself aloud if this is what she really wanted. What did she have to lose? It was here that she decided to see the opportunity for just what it was: a dream come true.
Sissy selected a short summer dress, a pair of clean panties, and her favorite pair of pink flip-flops. She had to feel comfortable in order to face the rest of the men. She decided to head to the kitchen and begin to make herself at home. A good meal would get these roughnecks on her good side. If anything, it would be a start.
Sissy managed to find the pots and pans easy enough but could not locate the food storage. She remembered passing a pantry of some sort on the way to her room. She eased down the hall carefully not wanting to draw attention to herself. There on the left side of the hallway she located the pantry. Stepping in she was making mental notes as to what was there so she could plan a few days worth of meals. Down by her feet she saw some large cans so she bent over to read the label. At the very moment she bent over someone came behind her and grabbed her by her hips. She let out a muffled yelp because a hand also slid around her mouth. Pulling her upright, she then realized she was standing in front of a man. Now, whether it was a man she had met already she did not know. He was breathing hard though and he was tall. His chest was rising and falling deeply next to her back. Sissy’s first instinct was to struggle but then she calmed herself. This was what she was wanting. This was why she was here. She slowly reached down and slid her panties off with one hand. As she raised her hand, back up she reached around and made sure to find the man’s growing cock. He was hers and she knew it.
Sissy made sure he was fully aroused when she began to bend forward. He loosened his grip on her waist and she could hear him undo his belt and pants. It was tempting to try to twist around to see who the man was but she stopped herself. No, it was better this way. She was so turned on and was dying to feel the slamming of a cock inside of her. She knew he was packing by the way he felt beneath her hand.
He let out a low growl as he lifted her dress up over her ass. She steadied herself on the shelves in front of her as he rammed his cock deep inside of her. He did not play any games, he went full throttle from the get go. Sissy was ready to cum even before he entered her, just the thought of being fucked by a stranger had her in a tizzy. It seemed like hours that he pounded her wet pussy. She did not want it to end. And, just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he was gone. He had taken what he wanted.

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