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Thai and much more - Lead UP

After a long week we decided to go out for some fun and good eats Friday night. We really didn't have any real expectations but I don't think we ever do. My gf and I are go with the flow type of people, pouncing on opportunity but rarely planning on it. The restaurant was conveniently located in a strip mall next to our favorite little bar so we were able to park in one spot and walk between after dinner.

Let me say the Pad Thai (sp?) was the best I have ever had not that I am a huge consumer of Thai food. My only complaint stems from the fact they ran out of chop sticks which is like McDonald's running out of french fries. Very good meal with a surprising atmosphere for a strip mall restaurant.

We strolled over to the bar or club, whatever it is called and met up with some friends from our Ghetto Cul de sac. A pair of sister whom we are close to in several degrees but not what you are thinking, just friends.

I perched at the table and played drink body guard for the night while they wisped around the bar talking to too young men and drank too much. They took turns hanging on me or curled in my lap to make sure I wasn't left out but this is common place and not as rewarding as it might seem. The older sister has some great big tits that I would like to suck on someday and the younger one refuses to wear underwear which I believe should be the law but they both are incredible teases and I learned quickly not to get a hard-on over the things they do at the club.

The older of the sisters left early, the bar wasn't really her crowd and she had received three or four booty calls so she had her pick of dick. The younger sister who is my age was dumped on us in her sloshy drunk state but once again this was the norm. We are always babysitting in one fashion or another.

By a stroke of luck or the aligning of saturn's moons, we actually left before last call and avoided the stampede of drunks in the parking lot. I held the door for my gf and waited patiently while the brunette sister finished her cigarette. She was obviously drunk and was explaining to us why she wouldn't do a threesome with us, although we hadn't asked. She explained that she had thought of it, talked about it, and even masturbated to it but she was committed to her husband. This is a bold face lie but she was lying to herself and not us. She finished her smoke and I held her door, something I do. I gave her a nice squeeze at the hips as she climbed into the back seat and made a mental note that she was too short for me to fuck doggie style without a stool or draping her over the back of a couch.

Instead of heading back to the apartments we decided to grab some McDs which I never understood. That greasy food just makes it worse in the morning but I agreed anyways. I rarely turn my gf down in her requests.

The shocker came at the drive-through when the sister blurted out that she couldn't fuck me but would love to kiss me to just get a flavor. She was drunk so I didn't see any harm in saying yes. She would pass out soon and forget all about it. My gf also didn't see any reason to object. The subject was quickly dropped as we ordered and we were on the way to the apartments with no further incident.

As we approached the interstate, the sister reminded us that it was a good time for a kiss and asked nicely for us to pull over. We pulled over in a Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar's parking lot, just off the main drag. We were not entirely in the shadows but a distance from the strip.

My gf was in the passenger seat munching on her fries and our friend was demanding me to park our truck. She told me let my seat back all the way and she was going to climb up into the front. She is a petite girl so I saw no reason why not.

Ok... have to separate this into two posts.

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