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Sissy couldn't believe the words coming out of Jack's mouth. They all agreed. They would let her live with them. Now here she sat between Hank and Gary in the back of a SUV on her way to her temporary home. She wondered what the other men would have to say. There were five more to meet. So many questions ran through her mind that she didn't even know where to begin. Her thoughts kept her occupied and she didn't even notice pulling into a long drive way. Before she knew it they had come to a stop in front of a beautiful old two story home. There was even a swing on the front porch. This was the type of home she had seen in magazines. She had always wondered who lived in places like this. For some reason though, she never thought it would be eight rough and dirty men.
Hank helped her with her small bag while Gary and Jack headed up to the porch. Hank had taken it upon himself to give her the ten cent tour. As they walked up he showed her the huge oak tree in the front yard, told her about the bench he had built around it. The bench was odd because it circled the trunk of the tree. Hank said he spent a lot of time out beneath it so he had decided to build the bench for comfort. He then pointed to the front porch where again she saw the swing. Sissy could picture herself out here on the cool nights watching the stars. Hank said this is were several of the men hung out, especially Seth. When Hank saw the look of curiousity on Sissy's face he put at ease by saying he would introduce her to the others.
As they walked through the open door she took a few moments to take the old place in. It definitely did need a woman's touch. The men had clothes and work boots strewn all over the place. The first few rooms didn't look like they had been cleaned in years even though she knew they had only been living there a couple of months. She really had her work cut out for her.
Gary approached her quietly and asked her if she would like to see her room. All she could do was nod. So quietly she followed Gary down a narrow hallway which led passed the kitchen. He then opened a door that was all but a few feet from the second door of the kitchen opening. The room had not been used Gary said. He was right. The spread on the double bed was white as snow. The room was very simple in decoration which Sissy liked. The less in the room, the less she had to put away and clean after.
"Would you like to rest a bit before the rest of the men get home?", Gary asked her.
She could only shake her head yes. This was all a bit overwhelming for her. So he turned to leave and just like Sissy was alone. Alone, but safe. Sissy sat on the bed and took a deep breath of relief.

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why do I get the feeling she won't be alone or safe in a little while? LOL

Just wanted to say hi.

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