Story Time  

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7/20/2006 7:04 pm
Story Time

Her hands had grasped him hard and held him close, her scent penetrating his nose as her tongue explored his mouth thoroughly. She had spun away and slipped into the darkness of the wagon, the window coming open as it rambled off in a cloud of dust. He swore as he relived the encounter that she screamed over the drum of hooves, shaking of wood, and bustle of the crowd that she loved him.
As if transplanted two days back, Jhatison lifted his hand high in the air to wave a longing and confused goodbye. Jhatison was not waving goodbye. He brought his hand down hard, so hard in fact that when his hand slapped Blossom’s bare rump the sound echoed back to him twice in the small room. The ex-priestess would have whimpered but her voice was muffed by the ornately cut panties stuffed into her mouth, she had three pairs of these silky garments given to all priestesses of the order, two pair in her small pack and one shoved deep between her teeth. The linen cases had come off the down filled pillows and served now to tie her like a punished criminal across the headboard of the large bed. The pair had rented a larger room when they first entered Midway in the same inn but had changed rooms just because of the headboard and balcony that overlooked the street.
Jhatison had discovered Phora’s secret two days past but had also stumbled in a drunken stupor upon Blossom’s inclination for rough and delicious sex. They had only taken time out from remapping the carnal highways to check the bulletin boards for caravans leaving in the next few days. Jhatison had a long history of inexhaustible lust and Blossom seemed to be able to keep up with his desire at every turn.
He slowly slid himself back into her, watching the angry tip of his long and handsomely thick cock slip past the pinkish folds of her pussy until it disappeared entirely inside of her. He stopped. She was convulsing on the inside, a constant barrage of clenching muscles around his shaft. The rest to recount the farewell kiss had brought Blossom back from the brink of orgasm and she looked back at him over her shoulder with wild eyes of anger. He smiled and drove deep, the end of him bluntly crashing into the back wall of her moist pussy and drawing an audible grunt from between her lips and salvia soaked panties. Jhatison hammered down into her until she was forced to bury her face back into the pillow and prepare for the impeding crashing waves. Nothing short of death but stop her orgasm this time as he added the thudding of the headboard against the wall to the orchestra of slapping flesh.
Jhatison knew because he could feel her body tense and jerk underneath him but he had no intent of relenting to a calm finish. The reaction of her body to the heavenly orgasm was a spur to his animalistic drive and he flattened her to the sweat covered sheets with his insistent thrusts. If they would have been lying on the ground instead of the soft bed, he would have put a dent in the shape of her slight body in the earth for he was slamming so hard into her. She would have bruises on her beautiful skin and hidden bruises deep inside her body but she loved it.
In the end he had grunted, sputtered, and cursed, spraying a wide stream of hot cum onto the flushed skin of her lover back.
Blossom stared at the starch white surface of the pillow, salty sweat dripping down into her eyes and blinking away the stinging result. She did not know how long it would take for him to untie her but the soreness in her shoulders from being suspended between the two post was icing on her cake. She had been unsatisfied in the order, not because she did not like sex but for the fact there was an element the priestess could not find in her. Jhatison had found this element in two days of travel and had catered to it like no man could even begin to realize, no man except the one she now lived to serve.
Jhatison was not her man and she knew it from the interactions with Phora but she also knew without a doubt she was owned by him and that was in no small way more rewarding to her. She was Jhatison’s little slave and nothing would stand in her way from dishing out to every single desire that crossed his mind.

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