Picking up the slack  

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3/25/2006 8:21 pm
Picking up the slack

My queen of polygamous FEMA fantasies has taken a break from sharing her truly wonderful words so I will just have to share a little real life from last weekend. It is short and sweet, maybe the intensity of the whole thing is lost in retelling.

Ok that was my disclaimer.

It was last sunday and we had just survived a terrible 8 year old day. It was Sunday and it was all around crappy. I walked out into the livingroom and saw the door slightly ajar. I glanced over at the television and it was pasted with cartoon network. That obviously told me my girl wasn't in the living room so out to the concrete porch.

There she was bent over the creaky rail in her black gypsy skirt and a smile crossed my face. I knew there were no panties underneath that ankle length skirt because I had instructed her earlier to lose them and the all the porch light in the quad were turned off. A rare occasion. BUT. There was an eight year old two feet away lounged on the couch.

Without a word we both walked back into the apartment and donned our sandals. We headed for the door and with minor convincing of the boy to stay and watch the boob tube, we headed for the laundry room around the other apartment building.

It was our intent to go that far but as soon as we reached the shadows it was fucking on.

I grabbed her by her fiery red hair and pressed her hard against the brick wall. She backed away from the wall but kept her forehead firmly planted on the wall. I pulled her skirt up and draped it over her upturned ass. I didn't drop my pants but just unzipped my jeans and yanked my cock out.

It might seem so crude and I have read a thousand blogs about how tasteless it is to spit on your hand and rub it on a about to be punctured pussy but I say "Kiss my ass". I have a big thick cock and sometimes I need that extra lubrication to prevent pussy burns on my shaft. Well I have trained my little whore to self-lubricate and I find it incredibly hot when this very lady-like woman lifts her hand and spits on it just before spreading her own saliva across the lips of her shaven pussy.

My dirty little whore as she calls herself quickly self lubricated which took on a cabaret like quality in the limited light and long shadows. I slid down the prepared path and we started to fuck hard and fast. There was plenty of opportunity for people to show up for our show.

I refused to make this a two pump episode but I couldn't slow the deep, hard pace. I didn't even waste time with her large, full breasts, I planted one hand on her hip and the other on the back of her head.

She started moaning and I went faster yet. I was fucking from feet up. This is not the ordinary doggie style. You know the back and forth thing, not that. I was bending at the knees and driving upward instead of forward. I was lifting her all the way to her toes and the head of my cock was slamming unforgivingly to the very back of her now sopping cunt.

I came hard. I walked back to the apartment, my cum dripping unashamed down her thighs.

Have a nice weekend.

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