My First Attempt at Writing in 2003 -  

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My First Attempt at Writing in 2003 -

A muffled cry brought his eyes off the pillow and onto the contorted face of his lover; she was a beautiful woman and judging from her youth not much younger than him. Her rounded chin and almond eyes made her look common and would prevent her from rising much higher in her current occupation. The small breasts crushed beneath his own pounding chest could grow but not to the voluptuous size of the bartender or not even close to Xan’tl, he decided she would never make it far beyond her present station but her apparent love for what she was doing made her a degree more beautiful. Her face was covered in droplet of her own sweat and she opened her eyes momentarily to gaze up at him but closed them the second he resumed pounding down into her. The chambermaid filled the small but comfortable room with her whimpers. Jhatison was in the arms of another woman but could not help thinking about the glowing priestess. His mind was wandering again. He attempted to shake the images from his mind but to no avail, the chambermaid’s contorted features were replaced by those of the angelic face of Nianaknak.
The coach boy was embarrassed by his inability to focus on the girl who was giving every ounce of her body to him. He stood, crossed the room in a drunken shuffle, and slumped down on a grand cushioned chair in the corner.
Concern was evident in the chambermaid as she quickly slinked out of the ruffled bed and made her way to her client’s feet. “What is wrong, my lord?”
“There is nothing wrong with you. Your talents amaze me but my mind robs me of sharing this special moment. I fear I disgrace you by thinking of another,” he cradled his head in his hands, unable to meet the wanton eyes of the woman.
The chambermaid’s hand snaked up his muscle calf and eventually coiled around his still hard manhood, his mind was confused but his body was sure of what it wanted. She idly stroked him from base to head, twisting her wrist slowly as she progressed. “I am not na├»ve in thought, I know I am a release for what you can not yet have. I understand this as it is a dark part of my chosen profession and not something I am going to hold against you.”
“Still, my lady. It is not right,” he felt the touch of her lips and flicker of her tongue. The course skin of her tongue teased the tip of him and slowly bringing a glistening coating to the length of his shaft.
“Imagine your lost love or love yet to capture. I will relish in the pleasure it gives me and the imaginary images it gives you,” she cooed, her speech calm despite her heightened arousal. She was on her feet and straddling him, obliviously set in his own mind, he came back to reality as they joined.
The chambermaid was in control again of their lovemaking and the pace of their carnal dance. She bounced in his lap offering only her back to gaze upon as she ground down with her bottom on his lap. Jhatison floated back and forth from Nianaknak and the young girl in his mind, the bouncing creaking the antique chair and driving him insane in reality. He brought his hands up to rest on her belly, unconsciously forcing her down hard onto his lap. She threw back her head and cried out as she crashed over the edge of bliss, her long hair cascading down his chest as she stared with closed eyes at the ceiling. With the increased stamina and vigor of wine, this promised to continue well beyond dawn.

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Not bad, not bad at all.

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