Good riddance Kenny Boy  

Master_Dragon43 57M
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7/5/2006 4:03 pm
Good riddance Kenny Boy

Well 1 down how many more to go.So many people boohooin for poor ken lay and his family is makin me physically ill.The man bilked 10's of millions of dollars from hard working honest people.Greed is ugly no matter how you look at it.And the punch line altho I doubt enron investors found it funny was that he blew most of it.It was like he knew he'd get caught so why not go out with a bang.He deserved worse than death,so basically he swindled his way out of his punishment.ok this is far too coincidental for my tastes.The justice Dept. needs to have a seperate autopsy done on lay.was it truely just heart disease.or did he take something to help the bad heart give out.The list of drugs he could have taken to hasten his death is endless.Surely he knew at 64 he had heart problems.So other than prison why would Kenny Boy off himself hmmmmmmmmm let see.If he just committed outright suicide life insurance may not pay off.But if he took something to induce a heart attack he avoids prison and avoids his death being deemed a suicide so his precious family can continue to live in luxury.A conman till the end.The very least he could do was take George W. with him.and just because the man didn't have the balls to admit he screwed enron investors doesn't mean he's innocent.He ruined 1000's of lives and in my book is a greater crime than murder and punishable by death.Why wasn't all his assets frozen when he was accused of fraud why was he allowed to continue enjoying the spoils of his ill gotten gains.Vacationing in colorado.With whose money I wonder?Corporate greed and fraud will not end until an example is made of someone execute one of these greedy bastards and I assure you it come to an end.Ok I feel a lil better now I'll stop ranting for awhile

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