Fun in Melbourne  

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2/8/2006 9:29 pm

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Fun in Melbourne

I have not sent mail to many women on here, but most of the ones I have corresponded with, have either not replied, or did reply, and were full of promise, only to suddenly stop writing back. I'm sure most of the guys on here have experienced this so i guess its not a unique situation.

We see many comments on sleazy guys, from women, and no doubt there are a few out there, however, they appear to have spoilt it for the rest of us.

Imagine my surprise when i actually got to meet someone with whom i had corresponded. Was she a desperate fugly? nope she is as normal as they come although sadly she does not live in melbourne, so our encounters in the future will be limited.

I'm not going to go into my situation, but suffice to say I had an afternoon and evening of the best sex i have had in years. I have a thing for younger women, and this young lady is in her 20's.

Anyway we did anything and everything we could think of, and I actually taught her a few things.
To those women who think older men are a waste of time, think again. We have the patience, and stamina to totally satisfy, and enjoy taking our time to the benefit of our partner.

I would like to hear from younger women on here who have had experiences or wantexperiences with an older guy.

Let me know your thoughts.....

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