Day 25 - The Beach  

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4/1/2006 1:02 am

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Day 25 - The Beach

It is a Friday summer night and after cooking you a wonderful meal I put a few things in the boot of the car and drive us to the coast. The top is down and the warm evening breeze flows through our hair. The quiet country lanes fly by and the open fields extend out before us. It seems that in no time we have arrived. A secluded sandy beach stretches out before us. You wonder how I found this place and I smile guessing what you are thinking. “A magician never reveals his tricks,” I say cheekily. From the car I retrieve armfuls of pillows and blankets along with a cool box. “Go and be busy,” I tell you shooing you away. “Yes Sir!” You say giving me a mock salute and laughing. You wander down to the waters edge and kick off your strappy shoes. The water feels warm after a day of blazing sun and you watch the gentle waves wash over your feet. You scrunch your toes and begin to sink into the warm sand. It feels heavenly. Newly relaxed you walk back up to where I have set up camp. There are rugs and cushions and a windbreak. I gesture and you sit down next to me. From the cooler I take out a bottle of Champaign. With a few twists of the wrist I pop the cork not spilling a drop. “I would be lousy at motor racing,” I quip. You smile at my odd humour and hold out your hand for the glass I pass you. I replace the bottle and poor myself an orange juice. “Not joining me?” you ask. I nod my head back toward the car and you roll your eyes. A stern look from me stops you just before your first sip and I produce a bowl of strawberries. Strawberries covered in chocolate. Your smile returns and you take one. “When did you make these?” you enquire. “When I was making you breakfast in bed this morning,” I explain. You think back to the start of our lovely day. I feed you a fruit and you savour the textures and tastes before drinking the bubbly nectar. “Our sunset is due soon,” I say. You like the sound of ‘our sunset’ and look up and down the beach checking we are alone. After our desert you recline on the pillows and snuggle up next to me. My hands never seem leave you; playing with your hair, stroking your curves through your sheer summer dress or interlacing your fingers with mine. The sun sinks slowly into the ocean and I admire your beauty in the orange glow. I light two lanterns as the darkness glides down around us. The moon rises and we talk. Just talk and talk. About TV programs we watched as kids, inane pop songs, sweets you can’t seem to buy any more, ideal houses and anything that comes to mind. As the chill creeps in I wrap my arms around you and cover us both in blankets. We drink a bit more and I feed you the last strawberry bite by bite. We shift positions as the waves lap and the moon arcs before it sets. Soon the horizon begins to glow with the arrival of a new day. You sit up and I position myself behind you allowing you to lean back against my chest. I entwine my limbs around you and draw the blankets close shielding us from the morning dew and together we watch the sun rise on another perfect day together.

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