Day 25  

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2/18/2006 3:22 pm

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Day 25

Its Blog Time.

That must mean it is way past midnight and I have been typing till I get cramp. Well I am slowly getting more interest in my writing. Trouble is most of the feedback I am getting is “I really enjoyed that, can’t wait for more.” Now how do I know if they are being polite, just want more porn to make them wet or what.

I did have one reply that got my attention. It went simply


That was it. Hello? Any chance of being a bit more communicative? Now did she miss the point or what? Sheesh! It is better to get no reply than that wouldn’t you say?

But still I must remember quality not quantity. There is nothing like having 3 weeks left to put pressure on you is there.

I was quite pleased in that I got one piece done last night and two done today. My buddy is going to get me some web space so my stories will have a permanent home. He also fed me Chinese food. The thing about my writing is that I don’t stop. I just sit there, close the curtains and type. And type, and type. I get cramp in my fingers, bloodshot eyes and don’t eat meals. Just an endless supply of tea with 2 sugars. That’s why giving up my job might not be such a great idea. I would forget what daylight is like.

I am at my day job tomorrow, yes Sunday. Hopefully there will be a huge pile of emails waiting for me when I get back. Anyway…

Keeps smiling!


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