Day 22 - The Bath  

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4/4/2006 8:40 am
Day 22 - The Bath

When you get home I am there waiting for you. I meet you in the lounge wearing a soft robe. My arms take hold of you and I kiss you, welcoming you back to our house. I sit you down in a comfy arm chair. There is a glass of something chilled already within reach. You sip the cool liquid and it refreshes you. Kneeling at your feet I ask you about your day, listening attentively while I slip off your shoes. My talented hands rub and massage your feet not caring they have been sweaty all day. I gently caress and relax the muscles while you unburden your cares and worries. I tenderly soothe the back of your heel where they have been rubbed painfully and I kneed the soles expertly. Once you have finished talking I stand and take your hand prompting you to rise. I slip my arms around you and pull you into my loving embrace. We kiss delicately and tenderly, again and again. I look deep into your big eyes and take hold of your soul with my gaze. My hands move and I start to undress you. As I strip your clothes from you I kiss each area of flesh I expose. Slow attentive kisses on your nakedness. You neck and shoulders are first then all the way down your spine. Off comes your bra and I kiss your breasts. I take them in my hands and bring them to my mouth as if I were cupping water from sacred stream. As your skirt falls to the floor I kneel down to kiss your hips, your thighs and pert bottom. Once you are naked and covered from head to toe in kisses I slip off my robe and press our warm bare skin together. My hands wander and travel over your smooth flesh and my mouth returns to yours as we lick and taste each other. Between mouthfuls I lead you to the bathroom. It is lit only by candle light and the huge bath is full of steaming water. Scents and oils fill the air with seductive fragrances. I guide you to the water’s edge and take your hand as if you were stepping into carriage. The heat feels so nice as you relax beneath the surface. You lean forward and I climb behind you into this bath built for two. After a few moments of relaxing I gather your hair and twisting it expertly I tie it up baring your neck. Into my hands I take oils and soap and rub then over your skin making them foam and froth. My touch is firm and soothing, stripping away the day’s cares and worries. I pull you towards me and you lean back against my chest as I work your shoulders. My expert fingers and thumbs knead, pinch and rub removing the knots and tangles from you. All your tension seems to slip away onto the warm water. I let down your hair and poor water over it with my cupped hands. Once wet I apply expensive shampoo and work it into lather. I sit you up again and my long fingers massage your fine locks and your scalp. You moan as the last of today’s stresses leave you. The feeling is magical and you don’t want me to stop. Sadly I must. Shielding your face with my hand I use an ornate metal pitcher to wash the soap from your hair. Once clean I begin the pleasurable task once more as I apply the conditioner. There is no rush and I take my time, almost coating each hair individually. The steam, the heat, the candles and my hands all work wonders. I lean you back against my muscular body once more and you turn to look up into my joyful eyes. You look so beautiful laying there before me I cannot help but smile. Once again I anoint my now wrinkled hands with expensive soap and rub them over your breasts creating delicate foam. Sensually I caress those sensitive mounds. Like a potter at his wheel I mould and shape them with my loving touch. Your eyes close as I support your weight and you abandon yourself to the magical feelings. You are barely awake as my hands soap your tummy and then disappear below the water to seek out your thighs. You rouse as I dowse you with the pitcher again washing out the conditioner. I stand and slip out of the bath to fetch the towels. When I return you accept my proffered hand and rise out of the water. The glistening liquid cascades off your curves transforming you into a living waterfall; an aquatic nymph to delight my eyes. I swathe you in enormous fluffy towels and rub you vigorously not allowing you to do any work. It is almost as if you were a child once again, helpless and loved. I lift you from the water and sit you on the side of the bath as the water drains away noisily. I wrap a towel round your wet hair turban style and then pat your feet dry before slipping them into fluffy slippers. I kiss you again to show you I adore you then scoop you up carrying you across the bathroom threshold. You put your arms round my neck and relax your head into my robed chest. Our short journey concludes in the kitchen where I place you gently on a stool at the counter and begin to gather the ingredients so I can prepare our dinner.

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4/4/2006 7:07 pm

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