Day 20 - Highwayman  

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Day 20 - Highwayman

The carriage wheels clattered through the night leaving the cobbled streets of London behind. From flagstones to flat earth to bumpy, rutted roads the wheels journeyed on. The bright lights of the capital were no more and the enshrouding darkness of the countryside enveloped the carriage and its passenger. Upon the soft red velvet seat sat the young lady. She reclined, weary at the lateness of the hour and the dreary company she had recently endured. Her corset gripped her tightly stifling her just as much as the oppressive party she had just attended.

Black clouds shrouded the silver moon like a veiled dagger. The wheels churned up the earth as they drove onward. A piece of paper was also thrown into the air and tossed onto the wind. It darted playfully as the carriage sped by exposing its blank side and then its print. It is the portrait of a masked man and the price upon his head. Fifty guineas reward for the man with the piercing eyes.

The young Lady Victoria struggled to get comfortable. She kicked off her tight shoes and loosened the lacing about her corset showing a little more of her ample bosom. Onward the carriage sped into the night toward her home and her bed. Her fingers played about absentmindedly with the pearls and brocade of her exquisite evening dress. She stroked the soft blue silks and ruffled the folds of her flowing gown. All the while the carriage sped on. Onward, past another poster. A poster of "The Raptor;" the most daring of the current highwaymen.

The carriage slowed alarmingly sliding the young lady from her seat as it came to a halt. She leaned her head out from the window and was about to exclaim when the situation became clear to her. She saw the two men and their pistols. The steam and breath of the horses formed a fog around the carriage almost obscuring the man striding toward her. His companion held her driver and groom under the cover of arms while he stalked toward her. Her breath was short, restricted by the tightness of her garments and the fear within her.

She backed into the carriage unable to speak as the masked man filled the doorway with his muscular form. She retreated as much as she could pressing herself deep into the lushness of the upholstery. A hand reached toward her and she recoiled. It plucked her coat and purse deftly from the seat and stripped them of their valuables. The hands then reached back for her. They grasped toward her rising chest and she closed her eyes. There was a sharp tug and her necklace was gone.

As she opened her eyes her hands were seized roughly by the highwayman and stripped of their rings. She winced as the gold bands dug into her knuckles. To her surprise the stranger tugged more gently. He then moved on to her wrists removing the bracelets from her trembling wrists. A long sharp blade was drawn from the man’s belt and her heart leapt. He used it to gesture to her ears and her earrings. Her shaking hands grasped the pearls and fumbled to take them off for him. He gestured again imparting more urgency. She worked faster, all the while wondering what would happen if she refused his silent requests.

His piercing eyes stroked her body; scanning for concealed wealth. She felt trapped under that gaze, captive and subdued.
"I wonder what else you are hiding mademoiselle" said the robber speaking for the first time. His accent was thick and sensual. "We shall have to see," he said grasping her wrist. She wanted to struggle or plead to be let go but those eyes and that commanding voice held her powerless. He sheathed his blade and took a lantern from the carriage as he led her away from the road into the dark woods.

When he stopped she could no longer see the carriage or the road. She was alone with this man - the Raptor and his prey. Her heart was pounding and her breathing rapid, forcing the rise and fall of her breasts to his attention. She was alone, afraid and powerless. He was stronger and had a knife. Perhaps even a pistol too. She could surely refuse this man nothing. She was his prisoner and helpless against any demand of his.

MaskedFlatterer 42M

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There is so much more to this naughty story.

Anyone want to find out more?

The Masked Flatterer

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I do

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Yes...tell me more.

Luv n stuff,
ΓΏ Susie.

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