Day 2  

MaskedFlatterer 42M
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3/13/2006 2:54 pm

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3/27/2006 12:05 am

Day 2

Anyone guess the title reference? Not important. Well my all singing all dancing Gold membership with highlight and standard contacts has now expired. I am thrown back into the mosh pit. A good time to think about leaving, doing something different or starting again.

I got a rather insulting one line reply to one of my writing samples today. It stung a bit but nothing important. They told me to fuck off but spelt it wrong. How difficult is that. AdultFriendFinder has a spell checker too. They weren’t smart enough to work out I had sent them fiction and did not read my profile and so didn’t know I did not want to meet them just have them read.

This got me thinking. Lots of people like my writing. They are full of compliments and really enjoy what I do. Given I am good at making people feel great what would happen if I used my powers for evil? Instead of flattery and compliments what if I wrote insults and abuse. Hmmm. Just how hard could my literary punch hit? It is tempting to give it try. I’m not suggesting I send it and try and ruin someone’s day/ life but just write it and see just how good I would be at being bad.

It does make you think.

Keep smiling ‒ or else!

The Masked Flatterer

SxyCrazyCool 39F

3/14/2006 12:01 am

I think you'd be awesomely evil... I know you would..

Why go there?
I know it's tempting.. but it won't be good for your Karma..


rm_SusieQ27 47F
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3/14/2006 12:58 am

M...Or else what? You never tell a personn anything. Is it a case of always ending on a cliff-hanger?

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

laydee2 39F
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3/14/2006 3:11 am

I think 'The Masked Abuser' could be an interesting character and hilarious to watch from afar!
Try not to take things so personally after all there are people at AdultFriendFinder that are only after a quick fuck and that's it! Gracious! I used the F word but at least it is spelt correctly!

Have a good day.

L xxx

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rm_SusieQ27 47F
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3/16/2006 1:07 am

M..I'm still not speaking to you..I thought tp wink at you though.

Luv n stuff {=} Susie {=}

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