Day 13  

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3/2/2006 6:45 pm

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Day 13

I guess I should write something proper here but I am just so bust writing and living my double life as a Flatterer that I have no time. It is almost 3.00 GMT here and I am still typing away.

Here is something from my library for a 3rd night running.

Who would have thought you would be cheerleading on a Saturday afternoon. Despite not doing any cheers since high school you soon got back into the swing of things. It gets you out in the fresh air and keeps you fit and supple. After a few weeks you soon got back into the swing of things and you now feel right at home with the other girls. The sun feels warm on your long legs and you secretly enjoy the thought of all those men looking at your dancing and prancing. After a hard session you are just finishing the cool down exercises and the coach is screaming and shouting for the team to get into the showers. The man makes your skin crawl with his leering looks and smutty comments. You bend your head forwards stretching your neck and your hair in its ponytail flops forward. You straighten and catch site of someone in the stands. You have seen him before you know you have. Just sitting there and watching. He rises and starts walking down the stairs towards you. “Who is that?” you ask you friend. “Umm, that’s our benefactor,” she replies warily. “He owns all of this, the team, the stadium, the uniform you wear, everything. You really need to do what he says.” With that she vanishes jogging off to the exit and leaving you alone on the field. You are a little puzzled and study the man who is drawing near. He has taken off his jacket and casually tossed it aside as he strides purposefully in your direction. He has a smart short sleeved shirt, plain tie and the broadest shoulders you have ever seen. He looks more like bodybuilder than a banker. His hair is short and smart but full and thick. He is almost a foot taller than you and his eyes are masked by the mirrored shades he wears. As he draws near you extend your hand to him and begin, “Hi. My name is…” He grasps your hand and lifts it up spinning you round in a twirl like a dancer. You see his head rise and fall as he looks you up and down. You get the uneasy feeling he is inspecting you. You stare up at him and he says matter-of-factly “I’m hard.” In the surface of his sunglasses you see your expression. In slow motion your watch your eyes widen and your mouth open as these words hit you. He pounces on you and kisses your open mouth aggressively and passionately like an explosion. His huge muscular arms snake round you. One goes up your back under your top and your sports bra. You feel his strong fingers slide over your perspiration moistened skin. The other meaty hand grasps your naked thigh and squeezes roughly. It then slides up under your tiny skirt and reaches your bottom. He takes a whole cheek in his massive grip and tightens. All the while he is kissing like a hurricane. He has magical dancing lips and you feel like you have now been kissed for the first time. He pulls away and you are literally panting for breath. “Wow” you say, dazed and stunned. His kisses are like being hit by a bus and you are unable to move as he supports your limp form in his masculine embrace. You look up, helpless, at his towering stature and all you see is your reflection gazing back in wonder. He inclines his head once more and like a wave capsizing a ship his mouth crashes upon you once more. After an age he draws away and you gasp for air your chest rising and falling quickly. He withdraws his hands for a moment then reaches out and clamps hold of your wrist. Not your hand, but your wrist like a scolded child. He leads you into the tunnel under the stands and through the maze of concrete corridors beneath. It all seems very dream like and you mutely obey. A dim thought is appearing on your mental horizon. An inkling of what will happen when the two of you reach your destination appears. This man can have anything he wants - and he is going to have you.

The Tired Flatterer

rm_SusieQ27 47F
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3/2/2006 7:20 pm

M....take a complete rest, this weekend and just add two days onto your deadlie, I'm sure no one will mind, my dear. At least, I won't and I think I have the right to tell the others to pipe down, since I have been your longest 'flatteree'

Luv n stuff....Susie.....{=}

MaskedFlatterer 42M

3/2/2006 9:11 pm

Deputy Flatterer Susie eh?



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