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7/24/2005 9:12 pm

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Some women talk and that is all they are interested in it seems. I have been talking with one lady since I joined here. I think she is attractive, fun, intelligent, and nice. She has said she wants to meet me and we will. We haven't yet and it seems like we never will. I am sure she is sincere but it seems like talking is all we do. We are not that far apart so meeting would not be difficult. I don't expect to meet her and go at it like two rabbits in heat. I can't even get her to meet in a public place for coffee or dinner. Why can't people be honest. If they are not interested, that is ok. But don't say you are and then not be.

rm_talldarkavg1 107M
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7/25/2005 11:16 am

First, welcome to BlogLand.

Second, never rush a lady. There are many whackos out there. She, more than likely, is just being cautious and learning you. This type of lady is worth time, effort, and worth meeting.

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