My long weekend with hubby!  

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6/25/2006 8:34 pm

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My long weekend with hubby!

Wow.. I had a great time and noooooo no sex involved lol
Sorry to disappoint some.. (that time of the month sooooooooooo..... let’s move one lol)

Well... on Friday night, we drove up to Sherbrooke which is about 1 1/2 hour from Montreal. We went to my friend's place and visited for the night. She lives alone with her daughter and just moved to a new place so that was fun getting to see the new place and all! Nice little place too. Can't wait to go back during my vacation. We did not get to chat much as we left the next day around noon so we’ll have to catch up more on my visit in July.

We then drove down to Lancaster NH. It was a really beautiful day and the scenery was breathtaking!! On the Quebec side, we passed thru Coaticook and I was quite impressed with the place. I had always been under the impression it was a much MUCH smaller place. I'll need to go back and visit the gorgedecoaticook. Then we continued our way down to Lancaster. It was really beautiful the whole trip there!

We went there to meet up with a friend and his family. I met "Ace" about 8 years ago just before I met hubby. He contacted me thru A.F.F. back then and he was coming to Montreal on business a few weekends in a row and we hooked up a few nights. I still remember the night I brought him to the jazz restaurant "Biddle's". He was in heaven!!!! He was like a kid in Candyland!!!! lol
It's changed name since then. It's now called "The house of Jazz" and haven't been there in ages so dunno if it's still the same. I'm suppose to go soon with another out of town friend (see my Vacation blog) and we'll see if it's still as good and interesting as it was back then. I know "Ace" is curious to find out so I'll have to check it out and report to him!!!
Ace was married (still is) and his wife knew about me (and approved ) and we kept in touched over the years. Hubby met him too later on and they hit it off pretty good. It had been a good 6 maybe 7 years since last we saw Ace and last winter I was chatting with him and we had said how it would be nice to see each other again. He mentioned about going to Lancaster in June for the 2006 Porcupine Freedom Festival (see freestateproject) so we decided to go and visit them there. It was the perfect opportunity to see him again and finally meet Mrs. Ace and their little ones. I seem to have made a new best friend with their daughter. What a cutie she was and their son is such a handsome little fellow!!! He did not have kids when I met him and I’ve seen the evolution of their family grow thru his family website and got to see his son and daughter grow up. We spend the evening chatting and he explained to us the reason for the fest. It was quite interesting. Sunday, we went to lunch together with the kids and had a great time again! We then had to leave to come back home so we said our goodbyes!! I’m looking forward to seeing them all again soon. I won’t let 6-7 years go by this time

The drive back home was just as beautiful and I just enjoyed the whole day! We found a nice place we want to go back in the fall. They are small cabins. Quiet, peaceful and small little cabins. We stopped to visit and see if we could reserve for the second weekend of October which is a long weekend here. It’s our Thanksgiving holiday. We would go for 2 nights. We also talked about going another time maybe first weekend of September (Labor day weekend) and go with my son and our dog.


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2dancew2 54M/52F

6/26/2006 12:11 pm

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend. Wow! There is much insight into "Marcy's world" in this message. You have a very interesting relationship dynamic with you husband and friends. Doe's it really all go as smoothly as the post implies?

MarcySullivan replies on 6/26/2006 12:43 pm:
Usually does yes. We have our ups and downs like any normal couple I guess. And our downs are not really related to our lifestyle really. Other stuff comes in between from time to time.

We've only been doing this lifestyle since last August. I was faithful as can possibly be until then. This friend I'm talking about, "Ace", we had some intimate times before I met my husband but not since then. We've remain good friends. He hasn't been able to make it up here on business. Would it be if he was? I really dunno. We never really talked about it. We just kept in touch as good friends and my husband likes him a lot as they have some interest in common and they drive me nuts when they chat it up!!!! LOL

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