Felt like a kid again!!  

MarcySullivan 53F
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8/7/2006 12:17 am

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8/20/2006 7:54 pm

Felt like a kid again!!

I spent last weekend at my (girl) friend's house in Sherbrooke (+/- 1 1/2 hour from Montreal). Saturday, we went to the movies (see previous post) and after the movie, we came back and stayed outside lying down on long chairs with sleeping bags and decided to sleep there. It was soooo nice and cool. The sky was clear with stars and it was just a beautiful night!
I don't remember ever sleeping under the stars like that. We felt like kids again!!!

When's the last time you felt like a kid again????



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rm_foo_cire_el2 36M
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8/10/2006 12:19 pm

Well, for good or bad, I feel that a significant part of me hasn't changed a lot since childhood.

Almost all of my main childhood hobbies are pretty much intact (reading, playing video games, drawing, letting my imagination run wild, playing board games, bicycling, cracking jokes with my friends) though some of them are less dominant then they used to be. I also acquired more hobbies&interests as I grew older.

My parents once told me that I was born old and am becoming younger as I grow older.

MarcySullivan replies on 8/10/2006 9:22 pm:
Somehow this really doesn't surprise me about you!


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