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12/30/2006 8:48 pm

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I dont' know why.. I keep letting myself go back to you even after I told myself I wouldn't anymore.

I don't know why.. I let you have this power over me.

I dont' know why.. I keep waiting for you when I know I shouldn't.

I tried many times this year to brake it off, to forget about you. I know you will probably never read this and for once, I am not letting you know of my decision that this my final goodbye! I've said goodbye to you too many times already but never follow thru. This time, there is no need to tell you, there is no need to see you one more time. No need to say goodbye other than with this letter.

You have been very important to me. You have been special to me but I need to really forget about you this time and move on.

I have deleted you from both my messenger's list as I do not want to see you pop up anymore cause I know I will be weak and tempted to say hi again even if I think I am over you at some point. I think I might never be over you as you are part of me. There is no point denying that anymore but I need to move on.

Goodbye F.

I do not wish for anyone to reply to this letter as I just need to set my own closure with this person even if he probably will never know or read this.


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