Malambo10 55M
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4/23/2006 3:52 pm


Gotta sign on and be with my love
Seems like you're perfect, a gift from above
Gotta be crazy, we're so far apart
But I can't deny what I feel in my heart.

Someday we'll meet and then we will see
If what we have here can be reality
Sometimes I think this is realer than real
Never before this way did I feel.

Gotta sign on to be with you here
Until we're together and you hold me near
Chatting all night, fingers ablaze
What did we say, my mind's in a haze.

Gotta work hard, make our dream true
You holding me and me holding you
Sharing or lives I know will be great
Being together, it must be our fate.

Gotta sign on and be with you now
Can't stay away, just don't know how
Seems I could touch you, feels like you're near
Tell me you love me, please let me hear.

When we're together, we still can come here
Seems like a reality causes such fear
But here we can talk, be open and true
My favorite place, the place I met you.

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