Can Dreams Come True?  

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7/6/2006 9:21 pm
Can Dreams Come True?

So I have I told a recent dream to a friend, he suggested to post it here on AdultFriendFinder. So I am taking his advice, I hope that some one can answer my questions. Can dreams come true?

I walked out of the off white two story house that has the walk around porch. Down the 5 steps to the dirt ground, it leads down a long driveway. I take in a breathe of warm sunny air, I look down at my beyond beautiful dress. It is sleeveless and show my pushed up cleavage. The dress is long, goes all the way down to the bottom of my high heeled shoes. It starts at the top with ruffles around the breast, Its all cotton. The ruffles are just a tease sewed into the dress. The dress is a dark to light color pink. The top is dark pink than as it drops to my feet it gets lighter to where it looks almost white. At the bottom it has about an inch of ruffles on it. I rub the little wrinkles down. Push my very long and straight hair behind me and start my journey to town. I have only one thing in mind and that is to see the sights on the way to town and maybe catch a glimpse of whats new in town. As I start to walk I notice that some clouds are rolling in. "Surely those clouds will pass on by, for its to pretty of a day." I say to myself. Half way to town, I felt the rain come down. I stop with frustration as a stranger pulls up in a carriage. He hops down with a pearly white smile, holds out his hand. "Hi Miss Christie need a lift into town?" "Yes I most certainly do and do I know you?" I say with haste. He helps me into the covered carriage. Smiles again and says "No ma'am but I know you" He shuts the door and jumps back on the seat to lead us away. I ride to town wondering the rest of the way how does that young man know me, and my is he ever so dreamy. We get to town and the carriage stops. The door opens and he stands there with his hand out. I grab it and walk down the 2 small steps.
"Miss Christie may I buy you a drink?"he points at the saloon.
"I don't see why not, it will keep me dry?" We go into the saloon, I sit at the bar and he walks around it pours me a drink.
He smiles and says "Your mom used to watch me while my mom worked here, you were 3 at that time and I was 10. I really don't talk to most people around here unless they come to the saloon. I saw your pa and he asked if I see you to pick you up and get you out of the rain."
"You saw pa?"
"He was looking for you, I passed him on the way right before I picked you up."
"Oh" I sipped on the strong drink that was poured just for me.
After the tall glass of whatever I had I waddled to the piano. I set down and cracked my knuckles. He walks over to me with a fresh glass of the same stuff I finished off. I smiled and pointed at the piano. He nodded and walked away. I started to play and sing. I most have played 5 or 6 songs. When I looked around the room everyone was gone and he was cleaning the bar. He casually walks over to me, I move down the bench. He takes a sit and starts playing. I stand up, walk around him to the other side of the piano. I lean against it and my hand gently rubs the top of my breast that is hanging out of my dress. He must have noticed because he stops playing and grabs my waist one hand on each side. Like the "Pretty Woman" my round ass gets dragged across the keys making an awkward beat. My hearts racing, my chest is showing signs of sexual hunger that needs filled. He stands up, kisses me ever so gently. His kiss has rhythm that is easy to follow. He picks me up sets me upon the piano. My legs straddle him. The bottom of my dress is pulled up to my knees. I have a slutty look in my eyes. I want him real bad, I feel his heart beat through his chest. He is trembling. I take his hands from my back and place them on my legs. He reads me like a book. The strength on his arms pushes my legs further apart. His head disappears under my dress, I feel my white cotton panties pushed to the side. All the sudden a warm moist tongue flicks my clit. My eyes open wide. I feel him taste me like no one ever has. I scream with pleasure. His hands make their way to my breast, he cant feel them through the dress. He stands straight up and tries to take my dress off me, with frustration he takes a knife from his back pocket and cuts my dress down the middle until it falls off me. He gently lays me back on the piano and his hands crass my body. When my body shutters for more, he shoves he enlarged penis deep inside my moist pussy. Back and forth our bodies dance. I grab his arms and scream with pleasure as my cum slides all over his penis. He pulls out just before he cums and shoots his warm sperm all over my ripened breasts. "Wow" we both say as we use my dress as a cum rag.

Can dreams like that ever come true?
Are dreams like that suppose to come true?
Is there anyone out there that has had a dream come true?

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