A night to remember....  

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7/2/2006 9:19 pm

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7/11/2006 7:11 pm

A night to remember....

So I was nervous and excited at the same time. Mainly because I wanted to help make a fantasy come true. The little rush you get knowing that you can make someone happy and get to enjoy it at the same time. The night started out like I was hoping it would. I didn't want to make a fantasy come true for anyone unless I felt some sort of attraction. At 1st I was dodging questions but when I felt more relaxed I was able to talk like I haven't had anyone to talk to in months. I felt relaxed and happy to enjoy a night of passion with an almost complete stranger. 9 pm came and the sun went down. So we started across the street to the park, of course by that time I was only wearing a bra and pants. It was well planned on his part. He had an air mattress and sleeping bags. As well as a star gazing guide. We walked across the street to the park. I could see houses all around us, the one that caught my attention is one that had their garage door open and was playing with fireworks. The thought of getting caught aroused me. I had laid on the air mattress taking a deep breathe of the lovely night air. He laid down next to me and we talked a little bit more. I noticed that while talking my stomach was being creased, I leaned up as he leaned down and are lips made contact. I got wet immediately. His kiss was moist and warm. I felt his tongue massage mine gently, Boy did he know how to kiss. I didn't hesitate to take off my pants and bra. I was so wet I wanted him to taste me. I wasn't going to ask, for I was there mainly to have sex under the stars in an open area. He moved his fingers down to my moist pussy, his eyes lite open for he could feel how wet I was. He undressed as he scooted down to taste me. Wow I have never had anyone immediately go down and enjoy me like he did. His warm tongue playfully massaged my overly wet pussy. I looked at the stars as I tried not to be too loud. Oh it was hard not to scream for more. I asked him after cumming to fuck me, I begged him to put his enlarged penis in me and fill me with his nice manhood. I looked at the stars as I tried not to be too loud. Oh it was hard not to scream for more. I didn't want it to end, I kept screaming for more. After a great time of passionate cumming, we laid on the mattress looking at the stars. It started to get a little cold as it got later. Therefore we left the mattress and sleeping bags outside and walked into the house, I of course not being modest walked across the street and into the house butt ass naked. I bounced down on the mattress in the house. As he went to the kitchen to get some ice water. I made the comment that I have never had Ice play. To my surprise I was going to get it. He came into the room and didn't hesitate to go down with the ice and all. Oh My God! I know now that I have been missing out. I felt like the top of the world, I tried so hard not to cum right away but it felt so damn good. After three small cubes of ice I came screaming with joy. My body shuttered as I tried to catch my breathe. He slowly entered into me again. My eyes lite up as he fulfilled me again. I ended up cumming more than I intended to. After we came, we were drenched with sweat and jumped in the shower. I even got bubble bath treatment. Wow I will never forget the one night that I felt like a women and not a piece of meat, in all reality thats what I intended to be. I thought I would just meet up with him and complete a fantasy than go home. I never intended on having multiple Orgasms and not feeling like a piece of meat. I would be more than happy to enjoy more nights of pleasure thats for sure. If you want more check out A Night With You In My Families Park Time4ABreak4Me I am sure he put more time in wirtten about our night since it was his fantasy that was planned to be fulfilled and it did as well as more!

SavorSensations 34F

7/3/2006 12:27 pm

Lucky girl! That sounds like so much fun.

Time4ABreak4Me 42M

7/11/2006 7:20 am

I can't wait to experience more with you. You are exactly what I needed. Fun, funny, sexy, interesting and adventurious. I had a great time... Care to meet me in a parking lot? Stranger? Set off some car alarms?

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