To Karin...prettiest counter girl in the world...  

MajorEasy 48M
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3/10/2005 2:21 pm
To Karin...prettiest counter girl in the world...

She asked as I walked by if she could help me
I was stunned into silence by her pure beauty
My articulate nature went straight out the door
I found myself unable to speak anymore

She must be the sweetest girl I ever have seen
The kind who only exist in my wildest dream
Yet I saw her standing there in real flesh and blood
With merely a smile she turned my brain into mud

Just one day every week she comes to the club
It makes me really happy, sure brightens the hub
But I do not understand my growing unease
What is with my racing heart and my weakened knees?

My mind, since meeting her, has been in a whirl
The only vision it sees is of this one girl
I wish we could talk beyond 'How are ya going?'
But how could I do it right, Gushing? Stammering?

Alas, the crowded counter helps not in my quest
I've been hindered by all those hard working lass
A quiet moment with her can never be found
Hard to show my true feelings with people around

I haven't guts to give her my gentle come on
To talk to her in public she may not respond
She is so far beyond me unreachable it seems
oh well, me fluttering heart, let's keep this a dream

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