Flight of fancy...  

MajorEasy 48M
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2/21/2005 1:39 pm
Flight of fancy...

I feel her soft thighs on my ears, hear her quicken breathing and the forced stifling of her moans...all the while the humming of the aeroplane and sounds of people shuffling about are in the background.

I can smell a hint of shampoo from her pubic hair but her womanly odour is getting stronger again....I can even smell her on-coming orgasm. My lips are circled around her clit and feel its throb as I suck and roll it around. My tongue can still taste her love flavour, left from a few seconds ago when I pushed it deep inside her.

My eyes can only see dim shadows from the light of my mobile phone, but her twitching muscles are unmistakably from immense pleasure. My hands are on her hips, holding her steady as she strain and arch and tremble towards her second orgasm...all the while trying to appear to be asleep from the blanket up.

I hear a 'ding' as she accidentily pushes on the call button...timing my attack, the second I hear the stewardess ask her if she needed anything, I give her a tongue leashing that brings her over the edge...her voice is obviously out of control and an octave higher as she says "I'm fine thanks" when she means "I'm coming now", each syllable tie to her orgasmic spasm...

As she settles back down, the hard part now is for me to get out from under the blanket and return to my seat beside her without the woman on her other side noticing.

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Funasianfemale 40F
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2/24/2005 2:46 pm

hahaha, I like how you changed the train to an airplane. I believe I have part-ownership to this story and if you publish it, I expect royalties.

Man, you make it sound as good as it really was. Thanks for the memory!
Love ya! XOXOXO

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