Yes Mistress, and As You Say Sir Part Six  

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Yes Mistress, and As You Say Sir Part Six

I stroked the bristles down Pet's back, loving how he flinched at each swipe. "Do you like this Pet? Do you want me to continue?" "Anything you wish, Mistress." I flipped the brush over, running the concave surface over his smooth ass. He lifted his hips, thrusting against me, trying to continue contact. I lifted the brush away, and brought it down, hard. A resounding THWACK echoed in my room. Nearby, watching, I could see my husband jump in sympathy. "Do you wish to help? Or perhaps, pleasure me?" "Anything you wish, Mistress. What do you command?" "I want you, Now." I suck my ass in the air, and he got on to the bed behind me. I raised the brush again, and cracked it across Pet's reddened ass cheeks. My husband thrust in to me just as I was lifting the brush. He pulled out just as I brought it back down. Pet turned his head, and tried to look over his shoulder. His mouth dropped open at the sight of my breasts swinging so close to his hyper sensitive ass. Finally, I knew Pet had enough. If I didn't stop him, he would have let me spank him all night. I leaned back in to my husbands arms, his thick cock still thrusting slowly within me. He reached around my body and grabbed one huge breast in his hand. He kneaded my nipple with his agile fingers, rolling it back and forth until it was hard, and tight. Pet was still tied, panting hard from the exquisite pleasure my palm and brush had brought to his eager body. I slid away from my husband, and reached for my forgotten glass of ice water. Using my warmed fingertips, I plucked out one half melted cube. I slid it over Pet's cheeks, watching as steam practically flew off his still writhing body. I swooped over his round ass, and in between, rubbing slowly over his tightly puckered bud. I slipped this ice in him, and he shouted out. He strained his bonds, pulling tight under the edge of the bed. His biceps rippled as he fought what I had thought we rather loose. Not any longer. his wiggling had tightened them up, making it impossible to escape. Interesting. My husbands lips had been trailing over my exposed backside, and straying in to my pussy. His tongue slid up and down my dripping lips, and I moaned. Now was not the time for me to loose control. I looked over my shoulder at him. "On your knees, here, on the floor." "Yes Mistress," a pout on his lips from being taken from my alluring dampness for more than a minute. I leaned over Pet, my breasts rubbing over his ass, and up his back. I untied his bonds, and pulled his slightly shaking body to me. I spread my legs behind him, on either side. he leaned back against me, and I began kissing his neck. "Oh, thank you Mistress. that was wonderful. thank you." I laughed softly. "Now you are getting a reward for being such a good Pet." My husband was positioned between Pets aching thighs. "Suck him," I commanded, looking directly at my husband. His eyes lit up. "Yes Mistress." He slid his fingers up my Pet's thighs, and wraps one hand around his very hard cock. My husbands lips wrapped around him, and sucked him down deep in to his throat. Pet's head flung back again, tight against my shoulder. He bit his lip, holding back another moan. I licked his ear, and made a trail to his mouth. I kissed him, letting him take out all of his frustration on me. Pet reached out and fisted on hand in my husbands short dark hair, and forced his mouth faster against his cock. "Mistress," Pet panted, "please Mistress, may I suck his cock as well?" What a lovely thought. "Good idea Pet. Why don't you two switch places?" Both highly aroused men nodded in acquiescence and began to switch. I couldn't resist reaching out to each, and grabbing an ass cheek here, and a nipple there. My husband settled himself against me, and spread his thighs. Pet kneeled on the floor, grabbed my husbands ass, and drew him closer. He dove in, taking my husbands thick cock in one long swallow. And swallow he did. He would suck a cock all the way in and then swallow against it, a hell of a parlor trick. My husband dug his fingers in to my thighs as they lay next to his. I was kissing all over the nape of his neck, and leaning forward to kiss his lips, and shoulders. Just watching two incredibly hot men pleasuring each other nearly sent me over the edge. I had enough of watching. "Stop. Get on the bed, Pet. I want you both in me. And I want you now." Both men grinned in anticipation. My husband lay down in the middle of the bad, spread eagled. I straddled his hips, and impaled my self on his throbbing cock. My pussy clutched him tightly, sending waves of electricity all the way down to my toes. Pet got behind me, and stroked one finger down my spine. He cupped my ass and spread my cheeks apart, giving him a full view of what I had to offer him. He flicked open the bottle of strawberry-kiwi lube, and drizzled some down my ass crack. A chilly drop found it's way to my husbands balls. he shuddered. I clenched my thighs around him. "Stay still. I am going to ride you both." Pet thrust home, filling my ass with his delicious cock. I undulated back and forth, rubbing my clit against my husband's pelvic bone. His balls were getting tight, each thrust getting him closer and closer. Pet's thrusts picked up pace in rhythm with my husband. I was close too. I reached behind me, and wrapped an arm around Pet's waist. He wrapped an arm around me, and played with my breast. My husband began playing with the other one. My pussy clenched, as well as my ass, and I came. I think that my coming is what sent both of them over the edge nearly at the same time. My husband put his unoccupied hand on my hip, and pulled me down against him harder. Pet wrapped his other arm around my waist, slamming in to me faster. I looked down at my husband as I felt him come in my dripping pussy. I leaned my head back, and looked at Pet's face as well. He was biting his lips again, and only let go when he came. He moaned my name low, and filled me to the brim. His teeth bit in to my shoulder, as he came. I chuckled, half to my self. I placed on hand on my husbands stomach, and smiled. "Very well done boys. Care for a shower?" They both grinned at me. "Yes, Mistress. Anything you ask, Mistress."

The End FINALLY!!!

mtbskier 40M

5/10/2005 4:07 am

Well, is this what I have in store for sunday? I can not wait!

smileguyqc 54M

5/10/2005 6:14 am

Winks, two on one thats just not fair, seems like you handled it well tough

warpriest 42M

5/21/2005 12:31 am

Jesus. That was the best sex scene I have ever imagined. Wow.

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